Compact RF energy reference system

Targets industrial heating market and drives magnetron replacement

1200W-1500W modular power supply

Series has lowest acoustic noise and full MoPP isolation, says TDK Corporation

600W fanless power supply

Completely silent in operation, produces no vibration and offers >25% reliability increase over fan cooled alternatives

Reducing power consumption in power supply

Low-voltage devices in TO220 and TO220SIS packages deliver ‘best-in-class’ efficiency across range of load conditions

Inrush current limiting NTC thermistors

Thermistors withstand up to 900J of input energy and 50A currents for alternative energy applications

New half-bridge IGBT module

New half-bridge IGBT module Suitable for use in industrial and servo drives, solar inverters, high power converters, UPSs and welding equipment

60V buck-boost regulators

Suitable for for automotive, industrial, test, automation, lighting, battery regulation, and telecom applications

1200W-1500W modular power supplies

Series has lowest acoustic noise and full MoPP isolation, says TDK Corporation

780W power interface module for ATCA applications

Feature-packed ultra-high-efficiency module delivers 15A output current at 82°C with 1.5m/s (300 LFM) airflow

Reliability even under challenging conditions

Fronius has developed a special housing for its Selectiva chargers

Multimeter passes evaluation with flying colours

Transmille 8081 Multimeter receives glowing recommendation from Italy's national laboratory

Primary-side switcher raises power supply efficiency

Features include built-in fixed cable voltage-drop compensation, adjustable line-voltage compensation

60 and 100V automotive N-Channel MOSFETs

Devices provide low ON-resistance for load switch applications

Power quality simulator

Accurate modelling and simulation of low voltage 3-phase network topologies including simulation of power, current and voltage at all network nodes

No need for lead acid

Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology enhances life and performance

Cultivating innovation in UK batteries

Michele Windsor looks at the state of the UK battery industry and how it could be UK-based manufacturers who offer the next great contribution to battery science

Ultra-compact, high efficiency 160W AC-DC module

Format is suitable for broadcast, storage and network products with applications in the industrial, gaming and instrumentation markets



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