Power entry modules handle higher currents

Tyco is adding 10A variants to its Corcom GG general-purpose and HG series medical filtered power-entry modules

Ethernet switches incorporate power supply

Garrettcom Europe's new PES42P hardened Ethernet edge switch features an integral power supply for operating power-over-Ethernet devices

Wireless microcontroller technology plays key role in energy efficiency

System helps reducing business’ heavy electricity consumption levels; it has allowed the management to do in depth analysis of electricity consumption throughout the day

Modular fieldbus power supply system

Fieldbus Power Supply System provides a standard supply for eight or a redundant supply for four fieldbus segments at up to 28V/500mA or 1A

Energy harvesting platform with wireless microcontroller

Harvests thermal, solar, radio frequency and vibrational energy to power wireless sensor networks based on the IEEE802.15.4 standard

Industrial power supply features fieldbus connection

B and R's new power supply enables operating data to be read and output voltage to be configured via an industrial fieldbus

Modular five-pole power connector is extremely compact

Harting's new Han Pushpull Power five-pole power connector is compact, sealed to IP65/67 and available with a choice of metal or plastic housings

Dual-output regulator IC has wide operating range

Allegro's new A4402 regulator IC integrates a buck switching regulator and a linear regulator to provide dual output voltages from a supply of 6-50V

Printed batteries suit disposable applications

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute have developed a thin, lightweight battery that is manufactured using a silk-screen printing process

DC-DC converters designed for rail industry applications

TDK-Lambda's CN-A series DC-DC converters have a wide range 60-160V DC input, with nominal output voltages from 5 to 24V and power ratings up to 100W

Combined connector for power and signal, including industrial Ethernet

Tyco Electronics is launching real-time hybrid connectors for eight power and four signal contacts, suitable for use in automation and industrial Ethernet applications

Devices support 'unprecedented number' of independent digital control loops

Microchip Technology expands digital signal controller portfolio for digital power applications

Hall-effect transducer measures from milliamps to hundreds of amps

A new CUR 3105 transducer from Micronas can measure hundreds of amps when used with special conductor designs, or milliamps when used with flux concentrators

Low drive voltage high efficiency SiC

Suitable for a wide range of applications, including power factor correction circuits, converters, and inverters for power conversion

Programmable power supplies

New models extend TDK-Lambda's Genesys 3.3kW and 5kW programmable power supplies application reach



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