Power Supply

Wearable sensors in healthcare

How to power the future MedTech devices

New family of bidirectional controllers

These sense peak current at both ends to support most industrial batteries

Perfect load balancing in PDUs

In addition to 1-phase systems, 3-phase systems are also used in many places in industry and commerce. They often offer decisive advantages. It is important to ensure safe load balancing in order to prevent overloads.


New modular DIN Rail AC surge protection devices

These are aimed at applications ranging from automation and control, public safety and security to communications

New through-hole silicon carbide Rectifiers

These are rated to operate in temperatures ranging from -55ºC to +175°C

New supercapacitor emergency back-up system

Its main purpose is to allow for enough time for a standard shutdown

Military-grade Ethernet connectors with 10Gb/s capacity

These are designed for high speed video, vision systems for armoured vehicles and satellite reception stations

AC latching power relays range expands

New applications could include EV charge stations, PV inverters and lighting control

New power supply for telecoms and industrial activities

This is a 550 Watt Ultra High Density unit standing an inch and a half tall

Battery power considerations for autonomous robots

As robots become increasingly mobile their power requirements have changed

How best to power tomorrow’s bomb disposal robots?

Some thoughts on battery selection for different tasks like using claws or water jet disrupters

What is the future of service robots?

Italy’s first robot concierge, Robby Pepper uses AI to help point guests in the right direction. How should this new breed of robot be powered?

New circuit breakers deliver protection up to 55kW and 115A

These are designed for harsh environments like wastewater facilities, refineries and cement plants

Conformal battery for military applications

To test the design it has been dropped, drowned and shot at

Smarter powered medical carts

Lithium iron phosphate technology now available

New DC/DC bus converter series

These are designed for telecoms equipment and storage applications

Latest 4th generation DIN-rail power supplies

These cover power ratings up to 100W, with 24V output voltage and 1.3A, 2.5A, and 3.8A nominal current ratings



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