Power Supply

How soldiers power their military devices

A look at the high-tech battery that conforms to the shape of the body

Enabling wearable medtech

As the European wearable medical device market blossoms, batteries must adapt

Power capacity of range expands to 8 kW

Programmable power supplies series feature 17 new models to improve rack-mount power density


New AC-DC chassis-mounted power supply units

These are aimed at a wide range of applications including automation and process control

Bringing military medical devices into the 21st century

Some thoughts on reliability on the battlefield

Improvements in lithium dendrite control

Surface imperfections are holding lithium back when it comes to energy storage. New research from Arizona State University could extend battery life and improve safety

New charger from South Korea

Shaped like a cup holder, this device generates and maintains a constant and uniform magnetic field to charge wirelessly

Tackling the battery design challenge

Batteries used in extreme environments must be fine-tuned to their environment to offer the durability required. Users like the military cannot afford failure

Flexible battery

Shaped like a spine, the new design enables enough movement to be wearable

FMAB NEO with overvoltage protection

Schurter expands the successful range of built-in filters for single-stage systems FMAB NEO with optionally available overvoltage protection (varistors).

Isolated low noise DC/DC converters of high efficiency

Converters combine a high level of efficiency with a low level of output ripple & noise.

Future trends in the battery industry

Some thoughts on the challenges ahead

Versatile range of DC power supplies

Telonic Instruments announce the UK release of the new Kikusui PWR-01 series of wide-range benchtop programmable DC power supplies.

New transducer measurement system

Single-phase or three-phase heavy current networks can be examined

Open frame AC-DC supplies target industrial designs

Power supplies are aimed at IT equipment, industrial, and telecom applications



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