Power Supply

How best to power tomorrow’s bomb disposal robots?

Some thoughts on battery selection for different tasks like using claws or water jet disrupters

What is the future of service robots?

Italy’s first robot concierge, Robby Pepper uses AI to help point guests in the right direction. How should this new breed of robot be powered?

New circuit breakers deliver protection up to 55kW and 115A

These are designed for harsh environments like wastewater facilities, refineries and cement plants


Conformal battery for military applications

To test the design it has been dropped, drowned and shot at

Smarter powered medical carts

Lithium iron phosphate technology now available

New barrier diode products for rectification

The thermal resistance has been reduced by about 50%, the maximum reverse current has been cut to 40µA

Latest 4th generation DIN-rail power supplies

These cover power ratings up to 100W, with 24V output voltage and 1.3A, 2.5A, and 3.8A nominal current ratings

New 3W and 10W series of board-mounted AC-DC power supplies

These cover nominal AC inputs from 100V to 277V

Preparing for the surgical robot boom

Some thoughts on back up power for the increasingly complex world of operating theatres

New Ultra High Density 225W power supply

This has efficiency up to 94%

Battery decisions for OEMs

Infographic helps OEMs decide on home healthcare device power supplies

Power quality in hybrid operating theatres

Considering the effect different medical devices have on each other is vital

New range of super capacitors

These could be used for mobile rechargeable IoT devices

Advances in battery technology

How thin cell batteries are revolutionising industry

New 12V, 24V and 48V systems

Batteries or ultracapacitors offer uninterruptible power supplies

New power supply unit

This 24 Volt device is for indoor use



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