Power Supplies

Energy efficiency drive to use satellites

New 18 month project aims to harness data better

Super-large castings service

ChinaSavvy is now able to produce castings weighing up to 20 tonnes and then machine them to an accuracy of 0.03mm

UPS expert appoints distribution partner

New UK distributor announced for range of UPS products



PC-based data acquisition

Yokogawa says its SL1000 data-acquisition unit delivers advantages over both high-speed digitisers and other PC-based platforms

Programmable power supply delivers 2.4kW

Genesys rack-mount programmable power supply is 1U high and delivers 2.4kW with high efficiency

Motor control centre and power control centre options

OneGear product line is the next generation of medium voltage motor control specifically designed for use with full voltage and solid-state, reduced voltage applications

New interconnector material for solid oxide fuel cells

Sandvik Sanergy HT utilises normal industrial strip production routes and the coating is applied by Sandvik Surface Technology in a continuous process for use in solid oxide fuel cell technology

Speeding development of lighting solutions

Web-based Electronic Design Automation tools for LUXEON power LEDs simplify and speed development of SSL general lighting solutions

Kinetic energy recovery system

Bosch Motorsport is working on a kinetic energy recovery system and will offer users the choice of a lithium-ion battery or flywheel energy storage device

Consortium investigates electric shipping

Working guide on how to improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of the combined European commercial shipping fleet

Resin systems for advanced graphite composite fuel cell bipolar plates

Fuel cell’s bipolar plates have superior corrosion resistance, lower contact resistance, higher thermal conductivity

40A, three-phase power supply is 'smallest on the market'

Puls UK's new super-compact QT 40 power supply delivers 960W at 95.3 per cent efficiency, meaning that cooling fans are not necessary

The global heat is on: preparing for a carbon-constrained world

No longer are we asking whether there should be limitations on emissions, but when and how. Measuring carbon emissions along the value chain is now vital as Dr Peter J Nieuwenhuizen reports

Hydrogen fuel cells: from automotive power to distributed generation

Fuel cell power systems, often primarily associated with the automotive sector, actually represent a practical, highly efficient and reduced carbon emissions power source for a wide range of applications and markets. Jon Moore reports

Monitor energy usage from a mobile phone

Researchers have developed a system that enables people to monitor the energy consumed by household appliances and control them, all from a mobile telephone

UPS can be rack mounted, used in floor-standing or tower configuration

PROTECT D. series has a power factor of 0.9 for communications room, computer room and data centre applications

Opportunities in the European market for stationary fuel cells

Research from Frost and Sullivan's suggests that the European market for stationary fuel cells will see very rapid growth over the next eight years


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