Fukushima disaster: filling spent fuel ponds

The focus at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has turned to refilling with water spent fuel ponds in a bid to prevent dangerous radioactive releases, says IHS Energy Asia Pacific analyst Tom Grieder

British scientist 'predicted nuclear power station problem'

Zirconium alloy used to clad the nuclear fuel becomes more chemically reactive after a prolonged and massive dose of neutrons caused by very extensive use, says Dr Peter Harrop

Thorium nuclear reactors: the safer energy for the future?

Scientists say result might be nuclear power stations that could be turned on and off 'like a light bulb'

Babcock signs up to the Nuclear Skills Passport

Passport is system offering nuclear organisations instant secure web access to information on the nuclear skills base

Nuclear power: what could happen now?

Frost and Sullivan nuclear market experts Jonathan Robinson and Enguerran Ripert comment on the energy crisis in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami

Global economic impact of the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster

Large, but – probably – temporary impact on the Japanese economy; small impact on the rest of the world, says IHS Chief Economist Nariman Behravesh

No knee-jerk reaction on nuclear, say engineers

Institution of Mechanical Engineers appeals for calm amidst Japan nuclear fears

Japanese meltdown fears spark anti-nuclear wave in Europe

Events in Japan threaten a public backlash against the nuclear revival in Europe, and while this may prompt stricter safety regulations, governments' long-term strategies are unlikely to change drastically; existing problems pose a greater threat to the European Nuclear Renaissance.

Japanese nuclear crisis: no need to curtail operations of nuclear plants in UK, says report

Early analysis of Japanese nuclear accident makes 26 recommendations for UK but 'lessons to be learnt'

3000t crawler crane for power plant construction

Coming up with a concept for the transport of a new 3000-tonner, components which would be practical and rational was a major consideration. Wolfgang Beringer reports

Remote welding at nuclear reactor sites

Model 20 weld head with full remote deployment to plug and seal any leaking tubes on the re-heaters

Final demolition concludes waste encapsulation project

Completion of a five year sludge retrieval and processing programme by site licence company RSRL

Lawyers send complaint to European Commission about subsidies for nuclear power

Plans for new nuclear power stations in the UK are threatened, says Energy Fair

Decline in UK industrial electricity demand could help alleviate capacity crunch

Electricity demand in the UK fell by 3.4 per cent in 2011, says Frost and Sullivan

Fukushima lesson: Prepare for unanticipated nuclear accidents

Call for study into how nuclear fuels behave under the extreme conditions present during core-melt events

Nuclear education and training

Collaboration Agreement at the British French summit held in Paris

Handling solution helps nuclear decommissioning process

Wall-mounted hoist needed to handle loads through almost five metres vertically



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