Nuclear inspection benefits from new generation sensor lens

Increasing demand from the nuclear industry for radiation hard lenses optimised to operate with the latest generation of colour sensors

Vertical cask transporter

Enerpac’s vertical cask transporter for safe handling of spent nuclear fuel storage casks

Flexible format radiation resistant lens resolve optics

Used in nuclear fuel handling operation, reactor active zones and radioactive waste storage plants

Nuclear family gathering

World Nuclear Exhibition takes place From 28 to 30 June at Le Bourget, France

Calibration explanation

Guidance on how to improve power plant performance with a modern calibration process

Planning their nuclear fusion experiments

Virtalis Visionary Render Virtual Reality software is being used by scientists and both optical and mechanical design engineers

Close-up inspection in high radiation environments

Resolve Optics Ltd has expanded its range of fixed focus non-browning lenses for close-up inspection tasks in high radiation environments

Resolve Optics awarded ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001 environmental management system provides a framework for a holistic, strategic approach to a company's environmental policy, plans and actions

Nuclear power: keeping to the maintenance plan

In the nuclear industry safety is paramount and the design and specification used for equipment involved in generating plants are governed by a series of stringent regulations. Graeme Robertson reports

Facing up to the cyber threat to nuclear power plants

New research suggests that some nuclear power plants are underprepared for cyber attack

Optical gas imaging helps ensure continuity of power distribution

FLIR GF306 optical gas imaging camera detects leaks helping avoid breakdowns and ensuring the continuity of their power distribution network

Majority of the public support UK nuclear power

A survey of 2,000 members of the public finds 56% support UK using nuclear power in the future. But 44% said they would protest if there were plans for a nuclear waste facility near their home

Radiation resistant zoom lenses

Resolve Optics Ltd has received its single largest ever order for non-browning zoom lenses from nuclear inspection specialists Visatec GmbH

Radiation hard lens for colour sensors

The new Model 346 non-browning lens from Resolve Optics Ltd. has been designed to operate with colour sensors in areas subject to radiation



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