Measurement Control

Clone of Wireless environmental sensing kit

Cypress Introduces PSoC Wireless Environmental Sensing Kit for atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature and ambient light

Switching on to advanced training

Simulated control centre to train engineers to install and maintain advanced district heating technology launched by energy metering and control specialist ENER-G Switch2

Compact transmitter that reduces up front costs

Series 616K differential pressure transmitter suitable for building automation applications such as air handlers, duct pressure and filter monitoring



Monitoring energy is the first step to effective management

Can monitor environmental conditions of warehouses, distribution bases, laboratories and production lines in the pharmaceutical, food preparation and aeronautical industries

Flexible meter technology for a fast changing energy market

Energy companies have been developing business practices to comply with changes in industry, government legislation, and general shifting attitudes towards energy management

Intelligent actuation allows better system control at solar power plan

Novel actuator technologies are giving the level of fine control required to ensure that industrial activities reach new levels of efficiency and cost effectiveness

Gas meters provide smart two-way communication of accurate data

Smart metering systems, which combine smart gas, electricity meters and visual display units into one metering system, have been installed in more than 18 000 UK homes.

Self-checking flow meter

Smartlink Meter offers precise, repeatable mass flow measurement for gaseous fuels and air

Compressed air: saving a packet at corrugated packaging plant

A packaging processor has reduced energy costs by over 27 per cent on compressed air

Energy-efficient machine tool technologies

Siemens will be using the EMO exhibition to promote technologies and products that can help to create energy-efficient machine tools

Risk analysis for low carbon systems

The challenge of moving towards a low carbon future requires the development and the deployment of a portfolio of low carbon systems for the power generation sector

Multi-billion dollar investment spurs US transition to smart energy grid

A US$3.4b (EUR2.32b) investment in the US smart energy grid is expected to generate tens of thousands of jobs, save energy and empower all electricity users to cut their bills. Sean Ottewell reports.

Energy data management staying ahead in a changing market

Smart-metering technology - and the huge improvement it offers utilities and consumers alike in energy management information - is a powerful tool for any utility that is able to fully unlock its potential

Greenland replaces entire energy meter fleet

Gert Skriver reports on the comprehensive multi-utility automatic meter reading system in the world

Updated HVAC plant boosts carbon initiative to reduce energy usage

Schneider Electric’s TeSys U motor starter controllers used for all the pumps and motors

Power-monitoring technology fulfils solar needs

Carlo Gavazzi adds Eos-Array Lite option to configurable PV-controller technology

Self-powered CO2 sensor

Gas Sending Solutions announces first commercially available wireless CO2 sensor for sustainable buildings


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