Ready-to-use semi-rigid test probes up to 6GHz

Test probes from Pasternack provide engineers an easy solution for testing and developing circuits

Rugged flash drive now five times faster with USB 3.0

Durable solution for people on the go who need to download and securely transfer confidential data, images or videos

Measuring insertion loss, optical return loss and fibre length

The MaxTester 945 Telco OLTS is the first tablet-inspired multifunction optical loss test set

100G multichannel OTN testing

Reducing development cycles is critical to bringing new solutions to market faster

7½-digitdigital multimeter

Tackles challenging applications that require smarter test systems in industries ranging from consumer electronics to aerospace and defence

Laser displacement sensors

Although most laser displacement sensors use the same measuring principle, the individual design of the sensor mechanics, optics, the mechanical stability and signal processing algorithms will differ widely from one supplier to another, says Chris Jones

Thermal imaging software tutorial for R&D

FLIR Systems ResearchIR 4.2 thermal imaging software provides researchers and scientists with a for viewing, acquiring, analysing, and sharing thermal data

Vibration monitoring of rolling bearings to maximise asset reliability

The results from a series of in-depth studies on the vibration monitoring of rolling bearings in wind turbine gearboxes and generators, have been published in a report by Dr Steve Lacey

Prioritise your storage tank maintenance

Risk-based inspection systems and advanced non-destructive testing methods are helping storage tank owners comply with ever-increasing stringent regulations, as well as reducing maintenance costs, says Tim Bradshaw

Portable multigas detector

A typical battery life of 24 hours protects worker for extended periods before recharging

Keep a distant ‘eye’ on your purge

Possible to have an immediate reading of the weld purge gas at the underside of the joint, from any distance up to 1,000 metres

Big data, big opportunities

Dan Beasley reports on how smart utilities are harnessing the inexhaustible power of data

Calibration explanation

Guidance on how to improve power plant performance with a modern calibration process

Advanced liquid level transmitter for sanitary tank gauging

Robust devices are targeted specifically at sanitary tank applications within the pharmaceutical and food/beverage industries

Bluetooth communication for sensors

Arc sensors have improved process measurement accuracy and speed while reducing installation and maintenance costs



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