High speed 70kHz confocal controller

Suitable for high speed surface scanning, distance and thickness measurements

High-speed DC load solves point-of-load converter test challenges

EL 2000 HS modules minimise inductance, resistance and noise in fast slew rate DC load testing

600W fanless power supply

Completely silent in operation, produces no vibration and offers >25% reliability increase over fan cooled alternatives

Pumping up production

Analysis software utilised for a vast range of tests, including impact tests on transport packing, self-noise measurements

Live profiling and code coverage

Code coverage is a must-have for complex embedded systems using stacks such as Ethernet or USB

Thermal imaging temperature sensors

Primarily designed for process control and quality assurance but is well suited for condition monitoring and fire prevention

Software solutions for composite testing

John Cove explains the complexities of modern composites and the software required for effective test and measurement applications

Ushering in a new age of robotics

Precision gearing specialist Harmonic Drive UK has launched its new CSF-2UP range of gearboxes for medical, robotics and measuring applications

New class of video measuring systems

International Manufacturing Technology Show highlights systems in Chicago from September 12th–17th 2016

Customisable Flash Loaders for J-Link, J-Trace and Flasher

Provide flexibility to take advantage of the enhanced features incorporated into J-Link debug probe solutions

New thermal multimeter

Device combines a thermal imager with a fully-featured true RMS digital multimeter to enable faster and more thorough troubleshooting with a single tool

Low profile accelerometer measures vibration in three axes

Typical application sectors include aerospace, automotive and general research and development

Remote monitoring and control of tank levels

SignalFire Telemetry Introduces Wireless Tank Level & Temperature Monitoring Float Stick System for Hazardous (Class 1 Div 1) Locations

Miniature inertial measurement units

ASC launches 6-DOF miniature IMU for industrial, agriculture and automotive applications

Super-high resolution industrial cameras for high speed inspection

Designed for wide range of high speed inspection, event capture and metrology applications

Everyday ergonomics

Everything in our world is flexible and as a result, all objects are susceptible to force. John Cove discusses the ergonomics of everyday items and the role that force measurement plays in product development

Compact amplifier is intelligent and easy to use

The LCD20 has standard analogue outputs of 4-20mA and 0-10V, with two digital inputs



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