Plastics provide more cost-efficient route to safer circuit breakers

Royal DSM is supplier of materials that can replace thermosets in demanding moulded-case circuit breakers

Enhanced procedures for quality control in additive manufacturing

Quick time-to-market and a need for manufacturing flexibility are important, and so also is reproducible part quality

Bio-based materials help vehicle designed achieve minimal reliance on fossil fuel

BioMobile’s fuel consumption rate is about 0.12 litres per 100km and it runs on X41, a biofuel made from organic waste

New growth opportunities for electroactive polymers

Electroactive polymers are part of the broad group of smart materials. They are highly attractive for their low-density, large strain capability, superior spectral response and resilience. Cathleen Thiele reports

The importance of high quality spring materials

A spring may seem like a minor component, but if spring failure occurs there could be major consequences

Waterjet cutting creates new opportunities for designers

Waterjet cutting and abrasive waterjet cutting are no longer specialised processes for niche applications. Recent developments in cutting equipment mean that these processes are now suitable for the economical production of a wide variety of components, as Jon Severn reports.

Two-component urethane suits all sizes of moulding

Chemtura's new Adiprene Duracast two-component urethane system is said to offer better ease of use as well as higher toughness and improved durability

Tactile pressure sensor film technology

Pressurex-micro Green 'improves visual detail, is environmentally friendly and lowers costs'

Analytical tools precisely control Nylon characteristics and production

Nylon - a versatile synthetic thermoplastic used widely to manufacture nylon fibres, such as rope

Carbon fabric speeds up Olympic rowing boat

Result is a faster boat as a direct consequence of reduced weight and increased stiffness

Carbon fibre fabric weighs in at 43gsm

TeXtreme is currently mainly produced using carbon fibre, but can be produced using other materials as well

Cyanoacrylate adhesive gives 'instant cure'

New from Master Bond is a clear, high-strength, 'instant cure' cyanoacrylate adhesive designated MB297

Nanoscale structures with magnetic properties

Scientists adapt an integrated circuit manufacturing process to enable enanoscale structures to be built from magnetic materials

O-rings offered with coloured coatings

New coloured coatings could be used to differentiate between O-rings of different materials or similar dimensions

Plastic could harness waste infrared radiation

Inexpensive way to produce plastic sheets containing billions of nanoantennas that collect heat energy generated by the sun and other sources

Elastomer offer benefits for processors

Keltan EPDM grades from DSM Elastomers provide opportunities for new coloured products, plus the materials are easier to process

Cylindrical bushings are made from a composite bearing material

Developed specially to operate with marginal lubrication



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