Recycling plastic scrap

Tailor-made plastic washing plant optimises throughput, product quality and operating cost

Testing composites more efficiently

The increased need for using lightweight materials in a variety of products and parts has accelerated the amount and type of tests performed on composite materials

New solenoid valve variant for high-pressure applications

Bürkert introduces a solenoid valve that's available for use in pressures up to 250 bar

Process-reliable series assembly of cutting rings

New pre-assembly unit launched by VOSS Fluid

Graphene-toughened composites

Plasma functionalisation technology produces significant improvements in mechanical performance and damage tolerance in carbon fibre composites

Brazed carbon fibre/titanium honeycomb capability

The capability of brazing carbon fibre, ceramics, composites, or other engineered materials directly to a titanium honeycomb, has been announced by Morgan Advanced Materials

Flatness guaranteed

SSAB launches Laser Plus – steel with guaranteed flatness after laser cutting

New surface coatings protect bearing elements against corrosion

Durable solutions are achieved by using an optimised electroplated coating

Materials expert launches new brazed carbon fibre

Morgan Advanced Materials announces brazed carbon fibre – titanium honeycomb capability

Large format lamp for UV/visible light curing

BlueWave LED Flood System from Intertronics enables larger production components to be cured with LED technology

Self-illuminating light sources

New developments in polymer resin and pigment technology has resulted in an innovative new product range

New hybrid moulding process

Aerospace brackets can now be produced in minutes compared with hours, says Victrex

Polyimide resin for high temperature applications

Resin is primarily intended for use in Resin Transfer Moulding of composite parts for the aerospace industry

New generation CAT 7 and CAT 7 A cables

Industrial Ethernet CAT 7 and CAT 7 A cables for industrial applications

Encapsulation resin for challenging environments

Electrolube’s encapsulation resin meets tough specifications for wind turbine electrical installation

EuroMold show preview

Leading trade fair for mouldmaking and tooling to present synergies with additive manufacturing

Graphene: In the black

The UK is undoubtedly a pioneer in graphene research, but Louise Smyth assesses whether it could also lead the way in the commercialisation of this new wonder material

Plastics from CO2

The plastics industry is beginning to use carbon dioxide – now widely considered as a pollutant – as a precursor for making a new generation of materials. Lou Reade reports



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