New air-operated pump

The new pump FDM 07 is a small product with big performance

Expert advice on lubrication of rolling bearings

Schaeffer publishes guide on everything you need to know about the lubrication of rolling bearings

Graphene: unlocking the solar potential

Paul Boughton looks at a project to explore the potential of the ‘wonder material’ graphene in the development of photovoltaic cells

Fashion statement

Louise Smyth meets the speakers whose presentations on wearable electronics were the highlight of a recent industry event

Piezo actuators for microstructuring

Steffen Arnold and Frank Neumann explain how microstructuring is benefiting from the latest breed of piezo actuators

Fast-cure PU polyurethane

Cures extremely quickly and allows the production of high heat stable modelling, tooling and rapid prototyping boards

Multi-million pound investment in technology innovation

As global markets increasingly turn to high-performance polymers, Victrex plans new world-class Polymer Innovation Centre

New colour options for 3D printing materials

Options include red, orange, dark grey, yellow, green, dark blue, white and light grey, says Stratasys Ltd

Testing composites more efficiently

The increased need for using lightweight materials in a variety of products and parts has accelerated the amount and type of tests performed on composite materials

New solenoid valve variant for high-pressure applications

Bürkert introduces a solenoid valve that's available for use in pressures up to 250 bar

Process-reliable series assembly of cutting rings

New pre-assembly unit launched by VOSS Fluid

Graphene-toughened composites

Plasma functionalisation technology produces significant improvements in mechanical performance and damage tolerance in carbon fibre composites

New surface coatings protect bearing elements against corrosion

Durable solutions are achieved by using an optimised electroplated coating

Problem-solving solutions

Expert in the design and manufacture of high-performance plastic products and components



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