Comparison of performance benefits of thermal insulation materials

SEW3 app highlights the best product mix to customers, whether that requirement is for single insulation or by marrying together multiple insulations in composite systems

Through thick and thin

Oliver Ridd discusses coating technologies, their applications and performance benefits

Tool coating

SuperMax also reduces galling, slug pulling and corner breakdown enhancing the quality and efficiency of the punching process

Localising a surface solution

The application potential and benefits of selective, brush plating for aerospace applications. By Derek Vanek

How to select coatings to optimise performance

Considering the operating environment and its impact on the coatings selected. By Andrew Courtney

Rare earth metal foils

Applications for rare earth metal foils include their use in aerospace technology, electronics, electromagnetic shielding, x-ray technology

Clinging on

Ben Dempster and Jennifer Unsworth reveal how natural materials such as limpet teeth continue to inspire high-tech innovation

Liberating graphene and graphite

Industrial scale production of functionalised graphitic carbon nanomaterials

PZT materials withstand deep sea pressures

A pressure of 27,000psi (1,862bar) was applied to each ceramic type - equivalent to a depth of 18,500m underwater

Resin creates diffused lighting effect for LEDs

Protective and decorative polyurethane resins will be of particular interest to LED lighting manufacturers

On the surface of polymers

Differences between polymers and other engineering materials create technical challenges in a production environment

Graphene: unlocking the solar potential

Paul Boughton looks at a project to explore the potential of the ‘wonder material’ graphene in the development of photovoltaic cells

3D engineered super insulation solution

Provides insulation performance up to five times better than that of conventional insulators, says Morgan Advanced Materials

Semi-conductor platform wins award

SmartKem's Tru-Flex solution wins Innovative Product of the Year at the ESTnet Awards 2015

New air-operated pump

The new pump FDM 07 is a small product with big performance

Expert advice on lubrication of rolling bearings

Schaeffer publishes guide on everything you need to know about the lubrication of rolling bearings



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