Light composite material created by novel process

‘One-shot’ process creates single continuous reinforced matrix with different regions of reinforcement

AM simulation-driven process software update

This is for powder bed-based, laser beam melting additive processes

What makes a bearing corrosion-resistant?

Considering the bigger picture of cage and lubrication is crucial

Additive manufacturing materials research drive

The University of Exeter is forming an industry partnership to improve PAEK polymer solutions

Patent heralds new take on hexapod technology

Efforts concentrate on methods to improve precision of 6 Degree of Freedom positioning devices

New, cheaper carbon fibre additive manufacturing machine

Carbon-fibre-filled Nylon 12 offered in fused deposition modeller with water-soluble support material removal

Increasing ecological sustainability in the plastics market

How suppliers to a number of industries are innovating to favour positive changes

Automation and the warehouse of the future

What can manufacturers learn from the retail sector about streamlining product deliveries?

Are existing 3D printing materials sustainable?

Stone, seaweed and even human cells are being considered for Additive Manufacturing applications

Six Reasons Why The Demand For Copper Will Soar

Six reasons why copper demand is set to soar in the coming years

Advanced 3D Printers & Scanners

New controllers speed the process

Additive Manufacturing gathering update

IMTS 2018 will take place from September 10-15 at Chicago’s McCormick Place

Has The Space Race Sped Up Materials Development?

How space exploration has benefited materials development

New ethylene-vinyl acetate rubber

This is for high-quality hoses, cable sheathings and floor covering

Minimising Waste In The Food Industry

Some thoughts on preserving food to minimise waste

Reducing Long-Lasting Plastics Waste

This is how UK suppliers are taking long-lasting plastics out of the supply chain

Designing the future of materials sourcing

Materials specialists invite MatX visitors to develop sourcing service

Consumer tech hitting the factory

Some consumer kit has found an industrial home

Seal of approval for the latest electrical kitchen appliances

Pure and stable sealing materials boost modern blenders and food processors



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