Reducing Long-Lasting Plastics Waste

This is how UK suppliers are taking long-lasting plastics out of the supply chain

Designing the future of materials sourcing

Materials specialists invite MatX visitors to develop sourcing service

Consumer tech hitting the factory

Some consumer kit has found an industrial home

Seal of approval for the latest electrical kitchen appliances

Pure and stable sealing materials boost modern blenders and food processors

Building Information Modelling makes progress

Great Wall Motors Company’s car factory in Russia shows the future of large scale builds

Going plastic-free in food packaging

Exploring the world of sustainable food packaging

The rapidly changing polymers industry

Some thoughts on growing environmental awareness and the future of plastics

FDM users wanted to test new software

This system bypasses the STL file stage

Latest optical 3D measuring machine launched

This measures parts from 1 to 3 metres across

Paint launches

Two new pigment dispersion ranges target North America’s industrial and architectural coatings manufacturers

High-performance nylon parts

Lauramid® - Individual high-performance nylon parts for demanding applications

Cancer patient in South Wales receives life-saving operation

Additive titanium structure replaces ribs

Expansion of 3D printing service

Additive technology improves prototyping capacity

Faster parts with 3D printing

Vehicle maker improves parts supply to keep machines going for longer

3D printed framework helps quick production of complex concrete elements

3D printed framework enables quick production of complex concrete elements for architecture, engineering and construction

What are the innovations in industrial coating technology?

Doris Schulz reveals the solutions for current trends in industrial coating technology

Need for lighter materials is fuelling research into composites

Composites are increasingly finding their way onto a variety of industrial applications previously thought unsuitable. Professor Kevin Potter reveals the latest trends



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