Polymer for compression vanes in pneumatic tools

VICTREX T-Series polymer delivers enhanced mechanical and tribological properties; helps satisfy environmental requirements

Versatile metal expands into new role in tree-top walkway

Andy Foster looks at how a versatile metal has been put to use at London's Kew Gardens

Recycled plastics offer commercial and environmental benefits

Manufacturers of products incorporating plastics are finding recycled materials increasingly attractive, both for economic and marketing reasons. Alistair Rae looks at the options available and the latest developments in recycled post-consumer plastic waste

Electrical damage to bearings prevented by new coating

Schaeffler has developed the Isotect A coating that can be applied to the external surfaces of motor bearings to prevent damage from stray currents

Fortus 900mc 3D Production System gains four new materials

Stratasys is making four enhanced build materials and one more support material compatible with its Fortus 900mc 3D Production System

Optically clear epoxy offers superior dimensional stability

Master Bond's new EP30LV-1 is a low-viscosity, optically clear epoxy that exhibits very low shrinkage and excellent post-cure dimensional stability

Ormocer-based lighting eliminates peripheral colour effects

Researchers will be demonstrating novel nanotechnology lighting technology and also a sound-emitting varnish at nano tech 2010 in Tokyo

Optical strain gauges test composites over millions of cycles

HBM has improved its K-OP optical strain gauges so they are suitable for up to 10million test cycles with an alternating strain of +/-5.000um/m

Eco-polyamide is manufactured partly from castor oil

Rhodia's new Technyl Exten resin uses polyamide 6.10 produced in part from castor oil, yet it still offers excellent material properties

Novel applications for carbon-based nanotechnologies

Futurecarbon will use the 2010 Hanover Fair to demonstrate its Carbo e-Therm electrical heating coating and Carbogran carbon nanotube granulate product

New technique to reduce defects in metal injection moulded parts

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute are using neural networks to work towards zero-defect production of metal injection moulded components

Process developments create opportunities for ceramics

Ceramics offer properties that are not generally available from metals, plastics or composites, but ceramic components can be difficult to source, especially if time is of the essence. Alistair Rae reports

Shark-based painted surface cuts aircraft drag

A team of researchers has developed a way to finish aircraft exteriors with a nanoparticle-loaded paint that reduces drag and, therefore, fuel consumption

High-performance composite uses Ultem and carbon fibre

A new composite for aircraft interior components has been developed by Sabic Innovative Plastics using Ultem resin and carbon fibre

New source for ceramic and glass microcomponents

Goodfellow is now able to supply standard and customised ceramic and glass microcomponents for scientific and industrial applications

Composite materials to benefit from carbon nanotubes

3B-Fibreglass and Nanocyl are to develop novel reinforcements combining glass fibre with carbon nanotubes for high-performance composite materials

High-temperature stereolithography resin - Accura Peak Plastic

3D Systems' new Accura Peak Plastic resin is designed for performance, accuracy and stability when exposed to elevated temperature and humidity



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