Looking forward to Graphene Turns 15

Event to take place at the Royal Society, London on October 17

Low carbon aluminium goes digital

Material selection in creating a sustainable future

New robotic system for machine tool loading

1st Machine Tool Accessories unit follows on from manual Swift Klamp

How can fishing nets be recycled?

Finding a circular path for the plastic

Material offering expands for 3D printer

Acrylonitrile styrene acrylate offers improved outdoor robustness

Industrial Finishes That Simulate Stainless Steel

Del Williams introduces high-performance industrial finishes that simulate stainless steel, brass and copper at a fraction of the cost

Creating Materials From Algae

Lighter than aluminium and stronger than steel: introducing innovative materials with carbon fibres made from algae

Why is clarification needed on bioplastic recycling?

European Bioplastics argue focus on mechanical recycling is wrong

Which is best, cast or blown foil?

Some thoughts on the two different manufacturing techniques

News from Graphene Week 2019

Over 700 are expected to attend the Helsinki event

How viable is additive manufacturing?

Pondering the quality issues surrounding additive manufacturing

Stratasys and BAE move closer for real-world research

The two are constantly trying to improve the fused deposition system

The overlooked evolution in biopolymers

Could a biopolymer made from feedstocks help phase out single-use plastics?

Strengthening the supplier-engineer bond

How to minimise project disruption due to trade instability

The need for greener materials in 3D printing

Why sustainable 3D printing filaments are key to reducing waste

Research leads to new green biodegradable plastic

This Cellulose Nanofibre is derived from natural biomass

Advance in recycled PET thermoplastic honeycomb

EconCore, Ultrapolymers and DuFor work together on developing new material

Could this lead to better artificial muscles for robots?

MIT discovery blends different fibres to produce a rapid reaction



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