Communicating with the lights out during a major emergency

Utilities companies have a responsibility for civil contingency planning, and yet worryingly, in the event of a major emergency, the extreme localised demands on public mobile networks could limit network availability and make it harder to resolve the problem

Pressure sensors for flow measurements of liquids, gases, vapours

Suitable for power, pulp and paper and oil and gas industries; flange connections are available for chemical industries

New products for remote management and control

HMS is introducing the Anybus Remotecom family for remote management and supervision of automation and control systems

Air/gas flow meter now withstands 850°F (454°C)

For use in high temperature processes including coal-fired power plants, chemical refining, steel manufacturing

Device extends Ethernet networks using twisted-pair cabling

Westermo is launching the DDW-120 device that enables twisted-pair copper cables to be used for Ethernet communications over distances of up to 15km

Revamps of power projects are now key to automation contracts

Although some greenfield power projects are still proceeding, revamps are dominating the project scene in 2009, especially migrations from old technology and the installation of self-organising wireless networks

In an emergency make sure you get the message to customers

Adrian Adams discusses the most effective methods for power utility companies to alert customers in the event of an emergency

Digital automation for coal gasification plant

Emerson PlantWeb architecture and engineering services selected for project that doubles output of methanol to meet the strong market requirement

Digital automation of coal gasification plant

Emerson PlantWeb architecture and engineering services selected for project that doubles output of methanol to meet the strong market requirement

Dynamic simulators for improved plant performance

Niclas Krantz focuses on some very useful and recently developed simulator applications from power utilities. He examines three different simulator applications, very useful in their applications respectively. They are all developed for power utilities and power houses in process industries like pulp mills with their own power generation

Simple rules to make your simulator worth the investment

No matter how similar to another unit or to the design on paper, a generating unit or process operation ultimately takes on a 'personality' of its own.

Using virtual reality to design and simulate power plant performance

There has never been more interest in environmentally-friendly power generation technologies such as photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric and biogas. However, they are complex to design and maintain. As Sean Ottewell discovers, new virtual reality (VR) software from Germany could change all that

Smart wireless network monitors critical equipment

Self-organising wireless technology is enabling continuous monitoring of critical equipment contributing to improved reliability of power stations

Getting the best value smart meter for your money

Utilities and governments must think ahead when planning a smart meter rollout - early obsolescence is an expensive error. Customise and build in future-proofing to stay ahead of the game, advises Mark England

Automating functions at a Peruvian hydropower plant

Automation technology is playing a key part in a new US$25m project to double the capacity of an underground hydropower plant in a remote area of the Peruvian Andes. The result will be reliable electricity supplies for local people and businesses. Sean Ottewell reports

COP17: Reactions from the carbon and climate change industry

Global leaders have until 2017 to devise a legally binding agreement to limit climate change warming to 2degC



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