Co-ordinating virtual power plants

PMSXpro is certified to power plant standards and facilitates the reliable monitoring, operation and control of highly distributed systems

Smart sensor solutions

Erik Christian presents an electricity sector business challenge and a compelling solution to overcome it

Process data acquisition system

Transfer protocol according to IEC 61850 facilitates fault recording in the field of energy technology

Cybersecurity: a journey, not a destination

Cybersecurity is an arms race of escalating capabilities, says Chris Evans. ‘Defenders’ of vulnerable assets must constantly reassess the situation and implement new defences

Entry-level Ethernet switch for industrial networks

Hirschmann Gigabit Ethernet switch offers flexible port options, range of software features for power and transportation industries

High-performance automation controller

Based on IEC61131-3 which reduces both development time and cost

MEMS analogue surface mount accelerometers

Offer reliable general purpose vibration measurements at OEM volumes, with excellent long-term stability

Collect data from existing medium voltage networks

3M Sensored Termination can be retrofitted into existing switchgear to provide accurate measurements

Advanced automation offers universal solutions

Sean Ottewell reports on how advanced automation and control systems enhance activities as diverse as balance-of-plant processes, operator training, remote monitoring and cybersecurity

Universal connectivity and the smart grid

Chris O'Dell reports on smart metering and the need for consistent connectivity

Plant availability and safety relies on automation

Generators are investing in advanced automation solutions to keep their plants working at maximum availability and safety

Embedded database at the heart of new smart grid technology

Operators face the challenge of monitoring their performance in real time and optimising the microgrid or cell

Double Drax contract win for Capula

Imtech UK’s Capula business division has won two contracts with Shepherd Engineering Services for work at the Drax Power Station

Energy management system tracks greenhouse gases

SCADA system evolves with demand to manage and control energy usage across all areas of distributed manufacturing plant.

Control interface upgrade at power station

New interface built into the recently installed materials handling control system

More than 2,000 actuators installed at power station

Variable speed functionality for soft start and stop and an undervoltage performance



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