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Cyber security for modern energy infrastructure

With so many potential threats, the energy industry is strengthening its software

Digital twins are changing the energy industry

From coal to nuclear and renewables maintenance can be improved

How smart is your electric meter?

Smart meters are becoming increasingly popular, here are some thoughts on powering them


New power control system

This is for complex, mission-critical distributed energy systems

Protecting utilities

Minimising cyber security threats on industrial control systems

Smart grid for UK electric supply

New algorithms to monitor and manage energy assets

New smart valve

IoT breakthrough for gas cylinder monitoring

Why energy control room operators should travel back in time

Some thoughts on modern maintenance kit for older power equipment

Discerning Digitisation

Andy Graham explains how power plants can generate real value by taking a smart approach in their efforts to digitise their assets

The cyber security layer cake

As industrial software becomes more intelligent, cyber attacks are becoming more complex. Martyn Williams discusses the latest developments in industrial cyber security

Energy and the Internet of Things

Martyn Williams discusses the influence of the Internet of Things in the energy sector and the role this technology will play in future-proofing the energy infrastructure in Britain

Software for smarter grids

Substation automation and substation HMI demonstrated at CIGRE Session in Paris in August

Big data, big opportunities

Dan Beasley reports on how smart utilities are harnessing the inexhaustible power of data

Calibration explanation

Guidance on how to improve power plant performance with a modern calibration process

Small and fast 2A multifunction LDO regulators

For use in consumer electronics, industrial applications, communication modules, and electricity smart meters

Co-ordinating virtual power plants

PMSXpro is certified to power plant standards and facilitates the reliable monitoring, operation and control of highly distributed systems



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