Emissions analyser monitprs up to five gas sensors

E5500 combustion analyser has wireless communications with computer and other Windows devices

Measuring trace water in argon

Rolls-Royce needed the accurate analysis from the MCM moisture meter to ensure the integrity of the superplastic forming process

Testing for water vapour transmission

Versaperm's Vapour Transmission meter can deal with several samples, seals or enclosures at a time, often giving a reading in as little as 30 minutes

Laser calibration data analysis software brings new levels of functionality

XCal-View software is an all new laser data analysis package for use with data captured from the XL-80, ML10 laser calibration systems and XR20-W rotary axis calibrator

Spectrometers measure vegetation from the ground and the air

A pair of super-lightweight miniature spectrometers from Ocean Optics is helping researchers investigate plant parameters in a verdant patch of New Zealand grassland

Field-replaceable and pre-calibrated gas sensors

Dilution pump For CO auto-range measurements up to 50,000ppm; Bluetooth wireless communication

Spray droplet size measurement

Malvern’s Spraytec system measures across a wide range of particle sizes (0.1–2000 microns) during real-time spray actuation

Customisable pressure and thermal sensor solutions

Integrated pressure and thermal sensor solutions, packaging and termination options simplify design decisions

High temperature multi-mode thermometer

Combines five different operating modes, including a ratio setting, two single wavelengths, a multi-mode and duo setting

Miniature load cell amplifier used for Antarctic project

Mantracourt load cell technology enables Antarctic research project into atmospheric greenhouse gases, sea level and temperature change

Panel mounted display units

LCM Systems has launched a new range of panel mounting display units for use with any of LCM Systems load cell products, including those with integrally mounted amplifiers

Multi spectral dynamic imaging

Takes detail from the visual image to improve the thermal image, making it easier for the operator to see the problem in greater detail

Hand-held industrial combustion gas analyser

Sensors for O2 and CO: built-in printer (non-thermal); unbreakable metal probe connectors; Bluetooth wireless communication

Data capture in real time

Manufacturing resource planning and production control provides intelligent and scalable solutions for manufacturing, through detailed management information

Ultrasonic flow meter sets

Ultrasonic flowmeters utilise the transit time difference for measuring flow rates in pipes non-invasively

New continuous mercury monitoring system

The CVAF spectrometer has an integrated high temperature converter to effectively transform mercury compounds to atomic mercury without any chemicals or vulnerable catalyst materials

Continuous equipment monitoring

Raytek introduces non-contact temperature measurement system



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