Multi spectral dynamic imaging

Takes detail from the visual image to improve the thermal image, making it easier for the operator to see the problem in greater detail

Hand-held industrial combustion gas analyser

Sensors for O2 and CO: built-in printer (non-thermal); unbreakable metal probe connectors; Bluetooth wireless communication

Data capture in real time

Manufacturing resource planning and production control provides intelligent and scalable solutions for manufacturing, through detailed management information

Ultrasonic flow meter sets

Ultrasonic flowmeters utilise the transit time difference for measuring flow rates in pipes non-invasively

New continuous mercury monitoring system

The CVAF spectrometer has an integrated high temperature converter to effectively transform mercury compounds to atomic mercury without any chemicals or vulnerable catalyst materials

Continuous equipment monitoring

Raytek introduces non-contact temperature measurement system

Monitor assets with a '40-60 per cent cost saving over wired installations'

Emerson expands its smart wireless solutions with the Rosemount 3051 Pressure Transmitter

Combustible gas sniffer for leak detection

The Model 7899 Gas Sniffer from E Instruments International is a portable, rugged leak detection tool suitable for any HVAC professional

OEM transmitter: truly embedded

Daniel Hofer and Bernhard Vetterli look at the technology behind OEM transmitters. These transmitters - from Keller - are systems that can be described as 'embedded' in the best sense of the word - and in two different ways

Measuring challenging media

Bob Botwinski looks at using advanced guided wave radar for level measurement and control

Advances in high precision trace moisture measurement

Trials of new high sensitivity moisture transmitters measuring trace water content have demonstrated high precision and stability at the sub ppm levels

Hydrogen monitor improves refinery isomerisation efficiency

H2scan offers accurate hydrogen leak detection and process gas monitoring analysis

Pressure transmitters built for heavy duty hydraulics applications

17.600 G pressure transmitter is available in nominal pressure ranges from 0–6 bar up to 0–600 bar

Portable industrial emissions analyser

Monitoring for regulatory and maintenance use in boiler, burner, engine, turbine, furnace

Ultra compact thermal imaging camera for machine vision

FLIR A35 brings effective, discrete and affordable thermal imaging to any production line

Hand-held combustion gas and emissions analyser

Field-replaceable and pre-calibrated gas sensors; dilution pump for CO auto-range measurements up to 50,000ppm



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