Process visualisation in hazardous areas

Explosion-proof panel PCs for the onsite control and visualisation of processes make machinery user-friendly, highly available, and cost effective

Thermal imaging in food processing

The need to accurately monitor the temperature of foods in the cooking, chilling and freezing processes has made thermal imaging the quality control method of choice for many manufacturers. Chris Brown reports

Wireless field devices benefit from technology standards

Wireless field devices have many advantages over wired solutions and the advent of more wireless technology standards is widening their appeal. Eugene McCarthy reports

Dual channel transmitter independently measures two liquid process parameters

Measure any two channels combining pH, conductivity, resistivity, ORP, specific ion and dissolved oxygen

Benefits of dry air protection

Desiccant dehumidification protect’s steam components, water quality improves, and there is less risk of corroded tubes and breakage

Wireless handheld thermometer and core temperature recorder

Measures the internal temperature of food items and liquids using an insertion probe

Application flexibility with guided wave radar

New product family of Sitrans LG radar level transmitter uses guided waves; also suitable for use in hygienic applications and in harsh environments

Measuring liquids in closed pipes

Magnetrol's Polaris electromagnetic flow meter is capable of measuring liquids with a conductivity as low as 5µS/cm in closed pipes

Accurate 3D measurements in production environments

HandyPROBE probing system generates high-accuracy measurements with accuracy of up to 0.022mm

Zinc sulphide thermal imaging lenses

Created by a precise sintering and moulding forming process utilising powdered material in a heated press

Emissions analyser monitprs up to five gas sensors

E5500 combustion analyser has wireless communications with computer and other Windows devices

Portable meter with ATEX approval

Knick’s Portavo 904 (X) line of portable meters for pH values, conductivity, and oxygen feature an ATEX approval for zones 0 and 1

Measuring trace water in argon

Rolls-Royce needed the accurate analysis from the MCM moisture meter to ensure the integrity of the superplastic forming process

Gas analysis becomes more powerful as technology advances

Long life, low cost, accuracy and ease of use are the key features of the latest gas analysers on the market. Eugene McCarthy reports

Testing for water vapour transmission

Versaperm's Vapour Transmission meter can deal with several samples, seals or enclosures at a time, often giving a reading in as little as 30 minutes

Laser calibration data analysis software brings new levels of functionality

XCal-View software is an all new laser data analysis package for use with data captured from the XL-80, ML10 laser calibration systems and XR20-W rotary axis calibrator

Flush-mount LCD digital panel meter

Dwyer Instruments' Model DPMF Flush Mount LCD Digital Panel Meter is designed with a 3-1/2 digit, high contrast LCD display

Spectrometers measure vegetation from the ground and the air

A pair of super-lightweight miniature spectrometers from Ocean Optics is helping researchers investigate plant parameters in a verdant patch of New Zealand grassland



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