X-ray fluorescence measurement goes mobile

Typical fields of application include measurements on large coated parts, like machine components and housings; mobile measurements in electroplating shops; mobile measurements of precious metals and solution analysis

1µm thermal imager for the metal processing

Specifically designed to measure the surface temperature of hot metals, as well as ceramics and graphite

Superlattice LWIR camera for high speed research

The FLIR A6750sc SLS incorporates a high performance cooled Strained Layer Superlattice detector that operates in the 7.5 to 9.5 micron waveband producing crisp LWIR thermal imagery at 640x512 pixel resolution

Digitally compensated differential pressure transducers

Suitable for a variety of testing requirements, including automotive and aircraft engine test stands; leak decay; liquefied natural gas transport and storage; filtration; and flow and tank level measurements

Free trial to predict machine health

New company, Senseye, is accepting applications to join its web-based software trials to improve how machine health is monitored

Pyrometer simplifies multi-point temperature monitoring

Non-contact sensors measure the surface temperature of products and machinery in industrial processes

‘Intelligent’ fixed-point gas detector

Minimises the time operators must spend in hazardous areas where they may be exposed to gas hazards

Handheld test equipment

Anemometer, hygrometer, and pressure probes communicate to the handheld using wireless technology

Waterproof handheld meters

Designed to provide benchtop meter functionality in a portable form

Inline colour measurement system

Enables the colour of plastic injection moulded parts to be automatically checked early in the production process

Standalone data loggers

Expert Loggers are equipped with internal 4GB memories that can independently store up to 100 million measurement values with date and time stamps

Wireless load monitoring

Improves workplace safety and reduces downtime and costs by eliminating the need for cables

Intrinsically safe transmitter

HygroFlex5-EX (HF5-EX) series consists of a robust aluminium transmitter with or without display

Non-contact infrared thermometers

Software enables the simultaneous storage and analysis of data from up to 40 spot thermometers

Sensor technology and the Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things is presenting process companies with ever more data about their processes. The challenge is to make the most of modern smart metering solutions, while extracting the genuinely useful plant information

New wireless position switches

Wireless sensors and position switches for explosive environments introduced



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