Oscillators for applications that require low jitter

Compact XpressO XO HCMOS Oscillators from Fox Electronics now available in 2.5-volts

Hire demand for new advanced XRF metals analyser

XRF analysers provide fast, non-destructive, qualitative and quantitative assessment of metals and alloys

Evaluating ultrasonic flowmetering

Oliver Foth describes how an ultrasonic flow metering solution has benefited a US chemical facility

Accurate shaft alignment vital in ensuring optimised equipment performance

Companies should take a second look at the way in which they implement condition monitoring procedures, argues Phil Burge

Imaging focuses on 3D, colour and simple use

The latest imaging technologies are using 3D, colour and improved software to give a much better insight into how processes are operating

Welding torch tester

Tests the availability and quality of the switching circuit used in the torch switch

Gas analyser can simultaneously measure four gas components

Removes the need for separate analysers which means operational efficiency is increased and costs reduced

Gas monitor service/calibration facility

Facility has been stocked with certified calgas bottles for all of the most commonly required gases for health and safety

All-in-one industrial transmitter

Humidity and temperature transmitters are suitable for fixed-installation applications

Thermal imaging detects missing lids

Detects the minute difference in temperature between a tub with a lid and one without

World's first ATEX approved portable flow meter

In the chemical industry, where aggressive and toxic media are often used, the advantages of non-invasive measuring technology are particularly appreciated. Oliver Foth reports

Accurately monitoring relative humidity

Water content is a critical aspect of many industrial processes, so the ability to accurately monitor relative humidity is crucial. Sean Ottewell reports

High-temperature models added to pyrometer series

Raytek's 1M/2M measuring heads for the shortwave spectrum cover a wide temperature range and improve measurement accuracy

Improving liquid levels monitoring

Siemens introduces two enhancements to its radar level measurement the SITRANS LR250

Submersible ‘dual output’ level and temperature transmitters

Transmitters are suitable for continuous submersion in liquids such as water, oils and fuels

Hand-held industrial combustion analyser

Field-replaceable and pre-calibrated gas; sensors for O2 and CO; built-in printer (non-thermal)



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