IR thermometry: fast and cost-effective measurement

With energy costs one of the top expenses for the process industries, accurate measurement is essential. The latest IR thermometry releases use the most up to date technology to ensure that measurement accuracy is the best ever

Process hydrogen monitor is explosion proof

Advanced solid-state sensor technology provides long-term hydrogen-specific process gas analysis

Precision gas analyser for static fill-gas

Gases are transferred for analysis to the directly-coupled analysis chamber with integrated high-performance mass spectrometer

Miniature infrared temperature sensor requires no separate controller

The sensor is suitable for temperature measurement tasks in the metal processing industry

Automated optical emission and X-ray fluorescence spectrometers

Thermo Fisher Scientific launches the ARL SMS-2500 to deliver faster process control speed in the iron and steel industry

Digital plug-and-measure analyser

MemoRail enables easy pH, conductivity, and oxygen measuring with pre-calibrated Memosens sensors

Measuring conductivity and analysing water quality in space

ITT Analytics' OI Analytical and WTW instrumentation selected by NASA for Discovery's final flight

Oscillators for applications that require low jitter

Compact XpressO XO HCMOS Oscillators from Fox Electronics now available in 2.5-volts

Evaluating ultrasonic flowmetering

Oliver Foth describes how an ultrasonic flow metering solution has benefited a US chemical facility

Imaging focuses on 3D, colour and simple use

The latest imaging technologies are using 3D, colour and improved software to give a much better insight into how processes are operating

Compact OES spectrometer

SPECTROMAXx delivers analytical performance of laboratory-based optical emission system but is equally at home in the foundry

Welding torch tester

Tests the availability and quality of the switching circuit used in the torch switch

Gas analyser can simultaneously measure four gas components

Removes the need for separate analysers which means operational efficiency is increased and costs reduced

Gas monitor service/calibration facility

Facility has been stocked with certified calgas bottles for all of the most commonly required gases for health and safety

All-in-one industrial transmitter

Humidity and temperature transmitters are suitable for fixed-installation applications

World's first ATEX approved portable flow meter

In the chemical industry, where aggressive and toxic media are often used, the advantages of non-invasive measuring technology are particularly appreciated. Oliver Foth reports

Accurately monitoring relative humidity

Water content is a critical aspect of many industrial processes, so the ability to accurately monitor relative humidity is crucial. Sean Ottewell reports



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