Online condition monitoring system extended at steel plant

Schaeffler’s FAG DTECT X1 online vibration monitoring system monitors the hot saw gearbox in the Beam Mill

Level sensors for liquid, gas and foam applications

Suitable for boiler systems, burners and industrial furnaces, chillers, air and gas compressors, blowers and dryers, co-gen power generators

Rapid gas detection instrumentation

Gas-Tec portable gas detector identifies methane leaks from landfill sites and waste processing facilities

Monitor and store data from 40 temperature probes

HW Group is introducing the Poseidon 2250 that monitors temperature probes, stores the values in its memory and emails the data for further processing

Manifold simplifies pressure-based level measurement

Parker Instrumentation has developed an integrated manifold that reduces the time required to install level measurement systems by 85 per cent

Dewpoint meter for compressed air application

Selecting the right dewpoint sensor and transmitter type to meet the stringent needs of your unique installation is a critical task. Steven Jiroutek guides you through the most essential questions you should answer when weighing your choices

Streamline the entire calibration process with documenting calibrators

Calibration procedure can be automatically transferred from the computer to the handheld calibrator

Dual-bridge load cells provide sensor redundancy

RDP's dual-bridge load cells are suitable for use in critical applications where two sets of signal conditioning electronics need to be deployed

Eddy current probes are ready to mount on machines

Sensonics has developed packaged variants of its Senturion proximity probes that can be mounted on machines for measuring displacements

Pressure regulators feature integral feedback

Parker's new EPP4 Comfort pressure regulators feature an integral pressure sensor to improve pressure control for enhanced system performance

Self-contained transportable humidity and temperature calibrator

Stabilisation of relative humidity set-points within the HygroGen’s test chamber is typically achieved within five minutes

Ultra-compact refrigerated circulator

Hydraulically sealed system allows fluids to be used safely above flash points without fear of ignition

Process hydrogen monitor is explosion proof

Advanced solid-state sensor technology provides long-term hydrogen-specific process gas analysis

Precision gas analyser for static fill-gas

Gases are transferred for analysis to the directly-coupled analysis chamber with integrated high-performance mass spectrometer

Miniature infrared temperature sensor requires no separate controller

The sensor is suitable for temperature measurement tasks in the metal processing industry

Automated optical emission and X-ray fluorescence spectrometers

Thermo Fisher Scientific launches the ARL SMS-2500 to deliver faster process control speed in the iron and steel industry



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