Sheathed thermocouple is 'smallest in the world'

Okazaki Manufacturing Company says that at 0.08mm diameter, its new sheathed thermocouple is the smallest available in the world

Pressure data logger can store more than 260,000 readings

Series DLI2 can be ordered for absolute or gauge pressure measurements up to 5,000 psi, says Dwyer Instruments Inc

Top five dominate process level measurement device supplies

The market for level measurement devices remains robust as manufacturers continue to launch new instruments and drive new projects forwards. Sean Ottewell reports

Programmable universal verbaliser 1/8 DIN panel meter

Solution for process monitoring almost any type of measurement with speech, display and alarming, says Omega

Custom panels from enclosure manufacturer Rittal

Rittal is now offering a five-day turnaround on custom panels, enabling customers to specify holes, cutouts and engraving on its range of enclosures

Loop-powered ultrasonic transmitter is easy to use

Magnetrol International's Echotel 355 loop-powered ultrasonic transmitter measures liquid level, volume and open channel flow with 'unsurpassed' ease of operation

Measuring process humidity for optimal product quality

Polyacrylamide drying is a complex process, which demands strictly regulated humidity and temperature conditions. Senja Paasimaa outlines how one company tackled these challenges

The proven advantages of non-contact temperature measurement

Infrared or non-contact thermometer clearly offers a distinct advantage over contact measurement

Infrared temperature measurement rises to process challenges

The latest infrared measurement technologies come with a raft of innovations which are focused on price, performance and ease of use. Sean Ottewell reports

Humidity detection boosts process efficiency

Humidity is a problem for many industrial processes, affecting everything from electricity generation to solids handling. Being able to monitor its level quickly, economically and accurately enables processes to be run more efficiently with less shutdowns for maintenance

Strain gauge amplifier is Atex-approved for hazardous zones

Mantracourt is releasing evaluation models of its ALA5 Atex-approved high-performance amplifier that can be used in Hazardous Zones 0, 1 and 2

Online condition monitoring system extended at steel plant

Schaeffler’s FAG DTECT X1 online vibration monitoring system monitors the hot saw gearbox in the Beam Mill

Level sensors for liquid, gas and foam applications

Suitable for boiler systems, burners and industrial furnaces, chillers, air and gas compressors, blowers and dryers, co-gen power generators



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