Overcoming the problems associated with glass pH sensors

Burkert says its new enamel-based pH sensor overcomes the problems traditionally associated with glass pH sensors

Economical gas adsorption analyser

The compact BELSORP-Mini II from Merrow Scientific provides precise measurement of surface area and porosity

Hydrostatic level measurement in difficult access areas

Transmitter with an integral remote housing (up to a distance of 10m) allows commissioning, adjustment and viewing to be carried out at a potentially safer place of work

Increased level measurement accuracy

A maintenance-free and more accurate solution is available from TC-Klinger based on the guided wave radar (microwave) principle

Temperature sensors are easy to install

HBM's new TT-3/100 temperature sensor is bonded to flat or curved surfaces in the same way as a strain gauge

Handheld analyser can be customised

SKF's new Analyzer AX for machine condition monitoring can be customised with a variety of modules to suit different applications

Reccorders allow ‘transparent’ production during cooking

Field mounted electronic data recorder that can be installed anywhere, taking recording out of the control room in to the process environment

Real-time drinking water monitors

Water companies can now access continuous data remotely which enables them to improve network modelling and to gain a better understanding of water quality

Absolute pressure transmitter features one-piece housing

HBM's new P2V absolute pressure transmitter benefits from a robust housing design, integral amplifier and optional Teds electronic data sheets

Flow instruments can be equipped with explosion-proof housings

Trimec-Europe is offering customers the option of surface-mount, pipe-mount or rack-mount explosion-proof housings for its flow meters

Image sensor scans at 40,000 lines per second

New InGaAs linear image sensors and a multichannel detector head from Hamamatsu Photonics suit high-speed near-infrared inspection applications

Industrial frame grabber supports PoCL standard

Adlink Technology's new PCIe-CPL64 industrial frame grabber is compatible with the power-over-camera link standard, plus it can be used with non-PoCL cameras

Conductivity sensor suits CIP applications

New from Burkert is the 8221 conductivity sensor that is designed to cope with clean-in-place conditions, including steam sterilisation

New source for industrial bimetal thermometers and thermowells

Swagelok is expanding its range of temperature measurement devices to include bimetal thermometers and thermowells for general industrial applications

Intrinsically-safe and explosion-proof humidity/temperature transmitter

Transmitter takes accurate measurements in the harshest of environments; offered with 4 to 20 mA outputs

Data analysis: post-processing software simplifies task

Brüel and Kjær's new Pulse Reflex post-processing software is said to make it much easier to investigate acoustic and vibration measurement data

Pulse ranging technology can be used within all sizes of sensor

Pepperl+Fuchs has developed its pulse ranging technology so that it can now be used in sensors of all sizes for a wide range of industrial applications



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