Proximity switches for safety applications

IFM Electronic is adding more models to its range of inductive proximity switches for use in safety-related control systems

Rapid adoption of wireless sensors

A new study predicts substantial growth in the market for wireless sensors and systems in the process manufacturing sector

Ethernet switches offer easy redundancy

Scon unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches offer simple way to create redundant ring or redundant parallel network configurations

Pressure transducers achieve high accuracy

RDP Electronics says its new RPT pressure transducers (top) have a low priced yet do not compromise on accuracy or quality

Laser modules are tough and easy to replace

Photonic Products' new laser modules are designed to cope with industrial environments as well as being quick and easy to change

Monitoring hydraulic cylinder displacement

Transducer uses non-contact magnetostrictive technology for high reliability; compact head size allows easier in-cylinder mounting

Controllers complement displacement sensors

Micro-Epsilon is launching the DD series of five low-cost controllers for use with displacement and measurement sensors

Logging pressure measurements for critical applications

Family of manometers can measure absolute pressure, differential pressure or gauge pressure within an accuracy of 0.05 per cent FS

High quality imaging set to improve process performance

In the drive to boost performance and reduce downtime, high-tech imaging solutions are helping to solve maintenance issues

Inductive and optical sesnors for hygienic requirements

Sick UK is launching a suite of inductive and optical sensors to the food and beverage industry offering the highest standards of protection for long-life operation

Extended certification for gas analysers

Renewed certification includes the addition of NO2, CO2 and N2O, now all MCERTS certified, along with added higher ranges for CO, SO2, HCL and NO

Multifunction calibrator for process calibrator

Multifunction calibrator is suitable for calibrating various process parameters, such as pressure, temperature and electrical signals

Goniometric cradles give unobstructed line of sight

Aerotech's new AGC series goniometric cradles suit rotary micro-positioning applications requiring an unobstructed line of sight to the payload or target

Overcoming the problems associated with glass pH sensors

Burkert says its new enamel-based pH sensor overcomes the problems traditionally associated with glass pH sensors

Economical gas adsorption analyser

The compact BELSORP-Mini II from Merrow Scientific provides precise measurement of surface area and porosity



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