Battery free temperature sensor tag

The Fenix2 is a new wireless, battery-less sensor that tracks temperature condition of asset and processes

Panel mounted display units

LCM Systems has launched a new range of panel mounting display units for use with any of LCM Systems load cell products, including those with integrally mounted amplifiers

Ultrasonic flow meter sets

Ultrasonic flowmeters utilise the transit time difference for measuring flow rates in pipes non-invasively

Brass digital pressure gauge

Design allows for easy installation. User-selectable units of measure let one gauge be used for various pressure scales

Monitor assets with a '40-60 per cent cost saving over wired installations'

Emerson expands its smart wireless solutions with the Rosemount 3051 Pressure Transmitter

COTS must cut costs safely in aerospace and defence embedded design

Embedded systems engineers designing real time aerospace and defence systems must meet stringent safety requirements. Boris Sedacca asks whether using common-off-the-shelf electronic hardware compromises safety

Getting the measure in harsh operating conditions

Ease of maintenance, cost and the ability to survive harsh operating conditions are the key benefits of the latest level measurement technologies. Eugene MacArthy investigates

Robust temperature measurement solutions for processing

Accurate temperature measurement is crucial and this relies on a range of technologies including IR thermometry, optical pyrometry and thermocouples. Here we look at the best on offer today

In-process temperature measurement of glass

Glass infrared thermometer can accurately measure temperatures from 100°C up to 1,650°C of glass surfaces or products 

Converter connects copper and fibre cables

The eCon 3011 Fast Ethernet media convertor is for use in industrial applications to connect copper and fibre-optic networks

Non-contact sensor monitors up to 30 positions

MTS Temposonics sensors can monitor a maximum of 30 position magnets simultaneously, offering savings over conventional technologies

Photoelectric switches are easy to integrate

New SQ 'bright' photoelectric switches from IMO operate over the multi-voltage range from 18-240V ac/ac

Liquid silicone rubbers 98 per cent transparent

The LSR7000 family of clear silicone rubbers feature outstanding optical characteristics and offer increased design flexibility

Chinese chip firms shift to capitalise on domestic growth

550 fabless companies compete in China; 88 per cent will generate less than $10 million revenue during 2008 and are struggling to continue growth

Achieving a semiconductor accuracy of 32 nanometre

Dr Samir Ellwi discusses advances in extreme ultra violet lithography

China's semiconductor market to fall 5.8 per cent in 2009

Despite this, iSuppli predicts growth will return in 2010, with a revenue rebound of 9 per cent, followed by an 11 per cent increase in 2011

Growth in installed nodes as PROFINET confidence grows

The latest report from PROFIBUS and PROFINET International shows an unprecedented increase in the number of installed nodes - as confidence continues to grow in the compatibility of process automation systems

Battling for high definition wireless to run TV channels

Groups around the world are squaring up to provide gigabit data over wireless links in the home. Nick Flaherty reports

Start-up boosts millimetre wave radio technology

A start-up company aims to dramatically change the economics of millimetre wave technology, with some startling results. Nick Flaherty talks to MMIC Solutions chief executive officer Rodger Sykes

Top five dominate process level measurement devices

The market for level measurement devices remains robust as manufacturers continue to launch new instruments and drive new projects forwards. Sean Ottewell reports



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