Canada moves to harness sea power

$2.4 million investment in clean ocean technology to provide sustainable solutions

Sound idea for hydropower plants

Unmanned hydropower plants will get first-hand remote support, thanks to a new innovation: sound-based monitoring

Actuator for underwater use

AUMA actuators designed for underwater use will operate reliably even if flooding persists


Twin Archimedean screw turbine

Installed at housing development as part of hydroelectric project

Hydro power station refurbishment increases output by 15%

Improved design and construction of the generator has increased output and made it more efficient

Localising a surface solution

The application potential and benefits of selective, brush plating for aerospace applications. By Derek Vanek

Refurbishment of Roosevelt Dam hydropower generator

Refurbishment of this iconic installation was always going to be essential in order to keep the plant working efficiently for the future

Co-ordinating virtual power plants intelligently

Virtual power plants combine different sources of renewable energy. To guarantee a stable energy network, the relevant sources will be combined automatically based on availability

Hydropower’s big surge

Set to double by 2050, says World Energy Council report ... if governments and multilateral banks give help to emerging economies where hydropower resources are under-utilised

Taken to new heights

Industrial gear units from NORD complete heavy workload at a reservoir project

Hydroelectric project for castle

Mini power station installed on river to produce electricity sustainably using environmentally-friendly water-driven screw generators

Energy centre completes its first commercial project

Orion Energy Centre completes project for Resolute Marine Energy

Large hydro-electric dams 'unviable and seriously damaging to emerging economies'

New research from Oxford University finds severe cost and schedule overruns for large hydro-electric dams

Latin America fuels demand for large hydro turbines

Turbine market gains as governments turn to large hydro power projects to reduce dependence on fossil fuel

Elements of success in hydro plant construction

As interest in hydroelectric power increases, all signs are pointing to growth in the construction of plants, especially small projects to add generating capacity to existing dams. Scott McDonald explains

Power producers invest for a mixed fuel future

South American power producers are investing heavily in new technology, both to enable them to swap quickly between different fossil fuels and to improve their hydropower performance

Automating functions at a Peruvian hydropower plant

Automation technology is playing a key part in a new US$25m project to double the capacity of an underground hydropower plant in a remote area of the Peruvian Andes. The result will be reliable electricity supplies for local people and businesses. Sean Ottewell reports

Energy storage technologies capitalise on renewables

Technologies are covered in the research include pumped hydro energy storage



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