Heat Recovery

Next-gen silcon photonics

Doris Knauer reports on automatic testing of photonics components

Design advances extend the scope of heat exchangers into new areas

Heat exchangers have always been at the heart of industrial heat recovery systems, but the latest advances in their design are making them even more central to manufacturing processe

Flat Stations increase comfort and save heating energy

Rising energy costs and increasing environmental straining, combined with more demands for comfort at home, require efficient control and heat metering for the benefit of the individual consumer, which avoids waste of energy. Halldor Kristjansson reports



Pump sensors and controller deployed to power car plant HVAC

During the design phase of a new automobile factory in Shanghai, ITT Industries' Bell & Gossett unit was called in to resolve HVAC system problems. The result is an advanced and efficient set of pumps sensors and controller that power the HVAC system for the large industrial facility

Chiller cuts cooling energy costs by up to 50 per cent

Machine requires 30 per cent less refrigerant than comparable conventional chillers, reducing servicing costs and potential environmental damage from large-scale leakage

Refrigeration plant supplies rapid cooling

Star Refrigeration has supplied an energy efficient process cooling plant for Fujifilm, a leader in the development and manufacture of ink jet colorants

Air conditioning features thermal wheels

They will recover up to 90 per cent (typically 75 to 85 per cent) of the energy in the extract air

Chinese projects focus on the economics of heat recovery

Despite the worldwide global down turn, industrial investment is still growing in China. Among the beneficiaries of this are companies that supply heat recovery systems

Cam-clutches provide protection overrun in fans and air conditioners

A special design of lift-off cams that ensures precise backstopping and optimised speed while overrunning without further contacts between cams and races

Steam management brings major savings in condensate recovery

Steam is a major utility and, as Sean Ottewell reports, its proper management is bringing substantial savings to users

Romanian cogeneration plant meets EU energy efficiency goals

A major investment programme in combined heat and power engines is helping a multinational soft drink manufacturer to meet efficiency goals set out by the European Union. Sean Ottewell reports

Plate heat exchangers for energy conservation

With energy conservation becoming a major focus for manufacturers, the demand for plate heat exchangers is booming


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