Addressing challenges of building new fossil-fuelled power plants

The number of old power plants in Europe is disproportionately high. More than 40 per cent of Europe’s thermal and nuclear power plant capacity is older than 25 years, and much of it will have to be replaced in the next decades. Manfred Kehr reports.

Index monitors air pollutants and greenhouse gases

Benefit of emission reduction in coal-fired power plants demonstrated with environmental burden index

Filters improve diesel cleanliness by 500 per cent in mine

Columbian coal mine has been able to extend the life of its generator engines to 23,000 hours

Coal-fired power plants capacity to grow by 35 per cent in next 10 years

Coal-fired power in Asia will rise to 1,464,000 MW in 2020 up from 918,000 MW this year, says McIlvaine Company

Pocket conveyor belts are flexible and environmentally friendly

A conveyor belt is in continuous use transporting flue-gas-desulphurisation (FGD) gypsum at a coal-fired power station. Mario Töpfer reports

Major scale actuation adopted at Indian coal plant

Thermal power plant under development in Sipat is India's first project to operate on super-critical boilers that burn less fuel than conventional boilers

Gas detectors air flow sensors sealed against dust and moisture to IP65

Toxic and flammable gas detectors and air flow sensors monitor CH4, CO and air flow at mine

New technologies reduce environmental impacts of coal-fired plants

Robert S Giglio looks at the reality of clean coal in our energy future

'Holistic' approach to coal power plants efficiency

Phil Burge looks at coal plant maintenance, describes the latest disciplines and explains how these can be applied in real world applications in the power sector to optimise equipment performance and reduce unplanned shutdowns

China's coal-fired capacity overtakes US

China is continuing to invest in new coal-fired power plants and air pollution control; more coal-fired capacity than the US

Preventing wear on coal handling conveyors

Split bearing units used on underground coal handling conveyors are helping in preventing premature wear

Energy consumption projected to increase by 44 per cent from 2006 to 2030

Huge demand for power will come from Africa and India as well, says Frost and Sullivan

Underground coal gasification

Waste greenhouse gases are then to be stored in the cavities formed by mining and in surrounding rock

Streamlining unloading at coal terminal

ABB control products are being used to improve the operation of coal unloaders at a dockside terminal in Liverpool and give better overall control and scheduling

Coal pulverisation with vertical roller mills

Ken Birchett looks at the essential requirements of pulverisation

The alternative to coal in South Africa

While most nations are concerned about carbon reduction, South Africa seems more worried about how quickly it can build coal-fired power plants

UK must 'speed up the move to carbon capture'

Failure to invest is placing coal jobs at risk, warn unions



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