New sealant handles flexible joints

Anaerobic product can be applied as a thin film – yet still provide the flexibility to seal parts and create a robust joint

UTS connector seals to IP68 or IP69K

A new version of Souriau's Trim Trio UTS connector includes a three-stage grommet that provides sealing to IP68 or IP69k

Concealed hinge is installed without tools

Dirak's latest 4-125SL concealed hinge is easy and quick to install, plus it acts as a lift-off hinge for improved access during maintenance

Metal adhesive is versatile and effective

Master Bond's Supreme 10HT adhesive can be used on metals and provides resistance to impact, thermal shock, vibration and fatigue cracking

Shaft couplings consist of just two components

Stock Drive Products says its new M-Type Shaftloc rotating component fastening device is low-cost, reusable and suitable for high-speed applications

Elastic adhesive is flame-retardant

A new version of Threebond's TB1530 series single-component, moisture-curing elastic adhesives is certified flame retardant to UL94 V-0

Safety unit combines multiple functions

New from Euchner is the modular Multifunctional Gate Box system that incorporates an evaluation module, safety switch, bolt and door-locking mechanism

Extra rugged circular sealed connectors - new models

Molex XRC (Extra Rugged Circular) sealed plugs and receptacles are now available in an 18-shell/14-circuit size and 24-shell/31-circuit size

Insert evolution enhances threaded joints in lightweight assemblies

Threaded inserts are useful in lightweight alloys and plastics both for improved joint performance in new components and for repairs to damaged threads. Jon Severn reports on the numerous options available

Rotabolts fastened to the correct tension

Hytorc and James Walker Rotabolt are introducing the Integrity system for 'fool-proof' tightening of Rotabolt fasteners

Combination valve packings

Combination packings continue to be standard specification for many valve stem sealing applications

A good bolt securing solution will reduce overall costs

Harlen Seow looks at a various methods for evaluating bolt securing solutions

Seals solve nuclear problem

Flaretite Seals are stamped from stainless steel or copper with patented sealing ribs around the sealing face

Security ranks first: heat lamination of card films

Christina Barg-Becker looks at the advantages and uses of modern bonding technology

Din Rail Clip simplifies in-cabinet cabling

A new Din Rail Clip form Micro Plastics is said to be the first wire/cable clip purpose-designed for mounting on Din rail

Flush fastener joins PCBs to sheet metal

A new SFK type PEM Spotfast fastener provides a flush joint between sheet metal and printed circuit boards or plastic panels

Teflon diaphragm seals offer advantages over alternatives

Winters says its new D10 series diaphragm seals are more cost-effective than stainless steel or carbon steel seals, plus they offer excellent media compatibility

Self-adhesive gasket is fire-resistant to UL94 VO and 94HB

EMKA is introducing new versions of its 1016 self-adhesive gasket with fire-resistance to UL94 VO and 94HB ratings, plus there are new EMC grades



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