Customised adhesive tapes developed for energy industry

Renewable energy technologies are increasingly replacing conventional systems. For suppliers of technologies, such as photovoltaic, solar, thermal and wind energy plants, the future is looking good

Bolt system resists effects of vibration for safer joint design

It is vital that joints holding sub-assemblies together remain secure. Bolts need to be easily removable during maintenance, but resist loosening effects of vibrations and dynamic loads. Csaba Madru reports

Use of adhesive tape in car infotainment is on the increase

Tape increasingly used in car infotainment systems

Tighter control of joining processes boosts non-threaded techniques

Product designers often rule out riveting and similar non-threaded fastening techniques, viewing them as suitable only for applications where there is no need for tight process control. However, as Paul Stevens reports, modern monitoring and servo control capabilities are creating new opportunities for these economical joining methods

Bracket clamps for a secure hold

Advanced solution for fixing routed cables

Moulded and steel fastener samples sent by tube

TFC is offering designers a tube filled with sample fasteners to show the breadth of its standard range and to highlight that custom products can also be manufactured

Thermally conductive potting epoxy

Curing at room temperature or in 1-2 hours at 90°C, the thermal compound forms adhesive bonds that are resistant to thermal cycling and chemicals

One-piece conduit fittings are quick to fit

Adaptaflex is launching the innovative Adaptalok ATS range of one-piece conduit fittings that feature twin-shot moulded integral seals

One-part, non-solvent elastic adhesive

ThreeBond’s 1530 shows excellent non-staining characteristics against all materials and is over paintable

Light cure adhesive is ‘instantaneous’

Light curing not only accelerates the final cure time to about 10 seconds, says ThreeBond, but also deals bleaching/blooming and slow curing excess

Multi-point round rod systems for cabinet enclosures

Customers can cut standard-length round rods to custom lengths and install the adapter quickly without tools

Chemically resistant electromagnetic flow-sensors

Polymer improves accuracy flow-sensors for measuring chemical liquids in demanding industrial environments

Anaerobic adhesives for bonding the joints types

Hardened adhesive is characterised by excellent vibration resistance, heat and chemical resistance, says ThreeBond

Bushes enable levelling feet to be installed in square tubes

Rencol is offering standard and customised threaded bushes so that levelling feet can be readily installed in square-section tubing

IP66 conduit fitting saves space

Flexicon's new IP66 Flexilok fitting benefits from a slimline design that reduces the space required for terminating conduits in enclosures

Low viscous multifunctional isocyanate grade for adhesives market

Developed for use in variety of rubber crumb applications including running tracks, playgrounds, sport surfaces and stable matting



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