Clean and consistent sealing and bonding

Pre-shaped copolymer prevents drips, inconsistencies, and waste typical of liquid adhesives

Sealed connectors for harsh environments

1.20mm terminal in-line connection system can replace common 1.50mm systems in space constrained automotive and commercial vehicle applications

Alternative to liquid adhesives

Pre-shaped adhesives designed for bonding diverse materials, including metals, plastics, and glass

CAM clamping levers for swift and secure fastening

CAM levers are suitable for applications that require a high clamping force which can be quickly applied and released

Blind rivet nut studs with coarse threads

Typical applications in the automotive sector are the fixing of plastic nuts, plastic cable holder or holder for pipes, hoses and wires

Studs for thin metal assemblies

Self-clinching threaded studs offer solution for thin metal attachments

Studs for thin metal assemblies

Provide alternatives to weld studs or other joining methods by enabling easier installation with fewer production steps

Rugged connectors for extreme environments

David Cianciolo answers the 10 most frequently asked questions related to rugged connectors

Metal fasteners for extreme conditions

Refractory metal fasteners suithigh temperature, high voltage, magnetism, and harsh corrosive environments

Pins are alternative to screws in compact electronics

Provide alternatives to micro screws by eliminating the typically costly issues associated with threaded hardware

Moulding a 2 metre seal to ±1mm

TRP’s range of computer controlled moulding equipment has allowed this degree of precision that would normally be associated with much smaller components

Magnetic solutions for long-lasting fixing

Suitable for location and temporary fixing of workpieces or panels or for sensor holding, eg on conveyors or other machinery

Flexible adhesive preforms

Multi-Seals Inc has introduced an alternative to liquid adhesives for component assembly

Dual purpose fastener

GESIPA Blind Riveting Systems provided design solution for a major supplier to the automotive industry

Polycarbonate non-luer quick disconnect couplings

SMC is a twist-to-connect coupling that provides a reliable and more secure alternative to traditional luer-type connections

Sticking with it

Clever design and clever chemistry have helped to develop ways of fastening that could revolutionise the way that components are put together. Lou Reade reports

Pneumatic hydraulic riveting tool

A failsafe riveting process is facilitated by GESIPA’s Process Control technology added to its Taurus Tools

Anti-vandal swinghandle latches

Improved design incorporating Haptic principles for improved operation and feel



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