Flexible adhesive preforms

Multi-Seals Inc has introduced an alternative to liquid adhesives for component assembly

Dual purpose fastener

GESIPA Blind Riveting Systems provided design solution for a major supplier to the automotive industry

Sticking with it

Clever design and clever chemistry have helped to develop ways of fastening that could revolutionise the way that components are put together. Lou Reade reports

Pneumatic hydraulic riveting tool

A failsafe riveting process is facilitated by GESIPA’s Process Control technology added to its Taurus Tools

Anti-vandal swinghandle latches

Improved design incorporating Haptic principles for improved operation and feel

Adhesives meet safety standard

SCIGRIP adhesives accredited with new European Fire Smoke Toxicity Standard

Keeping screws and bolts tight in every situation

ThreadLoc system is Arnold Umformtechnik's range of chemical and mechanical thread locking technologies

Creating repeatable consistent heat sink joints

As microchips continue to become more complex and faster the heat generated by them and how to effectively secure the heat sink so it dissipates the heat as efficiently as possible continues to be a design dilemma

Ultralight miniature connector for aeronautics

The new microComp Quicklatch is a 100 per cent composite miniature quick connector designed particularly for use on in-flight entertainment screens aboard commercial aircraft.

Fastener coating protects against corrosion

Fasteners are essential in keeping machines running properly in harsh conditions; Bossard’s stainless steel fasteners exhibit no thread galling and ecosyn-lubric coating protects against corrosion

Coated fasteners components for wind units

For years wind energy has been the poster child for sustainable energy generation. Now Eastern Europe is catching up: in Romania the largest onshore wind park in Europe is currently taking shape

Self-clinching pilot pins

Provide hardware solutions suit positioning, alignment or pivot applications

Specifying O-rings for increased life and reliability

Years of experience have been captured in a plethora of O-rings design standards and a wealth of materials is readily available to suit most application requirements. Mick Holland describes how to take advantage of these standards to mitigate risk when specifying O-rings into your fluid sealing system

Flexible system solution

Peter Kalkenings and Dr Gerhard Reusmann look at new lock bolts which offer a complete system of fastener, tool and assembly equipment

Seals help ensure smooth lifting

Double-acting seals on a crane hook are the answer for the world's largest crane vessel

Connectors deliver critical weight savings

TE Connectivity's AMPLIMITE Ultra-Lite D-Subminiature connector meet NASA 311P Requirements

Scanner welding system has nine selectable axes

Enables complex 3D components to be welded, says Rofin



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