O-rings and seals: why they leak

Permeability testers can save the day with a simple way to test and check products, samples and components

New light cure adhesive

New DYMAX adhesive technology from Intertronics combines multiple quality assurance features

Encapsulation resin for challenging environments

Electrolube’s encapsulation resin meets tough specifications for wind turbine electrical installation

Fastener solution for composites

As composite materials grow in both range and volume of applications, the challenge to find the right fastening solution continues. Matthew Stevens explores some of the trusted fastening solutions

Heavy-duty studs with large diameter heads

PEM Type THFE studs clinch permanently into thin metal sheets and reduce stress on panels

The fundamentals for self-clinching success

Self-clinching fastener technology enabled the development of ever-thinner and lighter end-product designs. Leon M Attarian reports

Clean and consistent sealing and bonding

Pre-shaped copolymer prevents drips, inconsistencies, and waste typical of liquid adhesives

Flexible light curing adhesives

DYMAX 1072-M MD adhesive is a UV/broad-spectrum-cured adhesive specifically designed for bonding COC/COP film laminates

Alternative to liquid adhesives

Pre-shaped adhesives designed for bonding diverse materials, including metals, plastics, and glass

CAM clamping levers for swift and secure fastening

CAM levers are suitable for applications that require a high clamping force which can be quickly applied and released

Blind rivet nut studs with coarse threads

Typical applications in the automotive sector are the fixing of plastic nuts, plastic cable holder or holder for pipes, hoses and wires

Studs for thin metal assemblies

Self-clinching threaded studs offer solution for thin metal attachments

Studs for thin metal assemblies

Provide alternatives to weld studs or other joining methods by enabling easier installation with fewer production steps

Rugged connectors for extreme environments

David Cianciolo answers the 10 most frequently asked questions related to rugged connectors

Pins are alternative to screws in compact electronics

Provide alternatives to micro screws by eliminating the typically costly issues associated with threaded hardware

Moulding a 2 metre seal to ±1mm

TRP’s range of computer controlled moulding equipment has allowed this degree of precision that would normally be associated with much smaller components

High performance air-cooled UV LED curing system

Offer advantages when curing inks, coatings and adhesives in electronics, as well as medical device and other high technology manufacturing



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