Fastening expert launches strongest product yet

Has wide grip range to accommodate large variations in joint thickness, and 360° internal locking technology,

Brazing of zirconia

Where other materials fail, zirconia remains highly resistant while exhibiting high fracture toughness

Electrically and thermally conductive adhesives guides

Each guide gives a descriptive overview of the technology involved and related product applications in industries

Saving with self-clinch fasteners

Liam Foy reports on the virtues of self-clinch fasteners over conventional ones

Low-viscosity adhesive cures with UV and visible light

Adhesive has extremely low viscosity and a suitable choice for very tight bond gaps.

New sealants remain flexible even at high temperatures

Light-curing acrylates cure very fast, are highly flexible, and are perfectly suited for creating seals

New approach to intelligent bonding and fixing

To create connections that are reliable for the various processes, the limits of conventional pressure-sensitive adhesives have to be surpassed

New white XLR connectors

Switchcraft Expands AAA Series and Tini-QG XLR/DMX Connector Line

Corrosion-resistant, all-plastic cam latch

Design that meets NEMA 4 and IP65 standards for water and dust protection, making it suitable for use in highly corrosive environments

A sticky situation

Researchers study and improve a small molecule that possesses an impressive ability to adhere in wet environments

Self-clinching fastener

Ready-made assembly for mounting into any rigid material or panel, including composites, plastics, and metals

UV adhesive system cures time problem

Overcomes problem bonding three polycarbonate lenses to make large front lens of operating theatre lamp

Protecting fasteners in highly corrosive environments

DuPont has developed a new water-based, low-VOC coating solution based on Teflon PTFE

Form-in-place gaskets cure in seconds

Liquid seals are more advantageous than conventional gaskets in the creation of complex component geometries because they require less process steps

New coupling solution for underground mining

Innovative iLok coupling from Gates designed to maximise operation uptime

Expert advice on lubrication of rolling bearings

Schaeffer publishes guide on everything you need to know about the lubrication of rolling bearings

New connectors are ideal for tight situations

Binder's latest M8 connectors designed for applications where space is at a premium



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