Faster analysis of oilfield drilling muds

Innovative new handheld technology speeds up mud analysis

New coating range for offshore asset maintenance

Pure epoxy uni-primers combine corrosion protection with construction flexibility

Update on Israeli natural gas industry

Israeli natural gas industry – where do we go now?

Shale gas hasn’t gone away

Europe still needs pragmatic solutions to its critical energy challenges​. By Mateusz Stankiewicz-Szynka and Marcus Pepperell

Service-based concept

Ramiz Selimbasic presents an oil and gas concept that offers advantages for every user

Improved sealing for wellheads

A new design of seal can be more easily installed in wellheads, says Tim Rushton

Corrosion removal: your flexible friend

A flexible cylinder hone can play a critical role in oil and gas maintenance operations

Rock mechanics

New equipment could play a major role North Sea exploration and production

Patent system could protect shale innovations

Unitary patent system could help to future-proof protection of shale sector innovations

Latest fracking truck launched

The new truck employs the Allison 9832 OFS transmission, reducing overall vehicle weight by 2.5 tons

Push and pull force monitoring unit

Offers increased reliability and safety for crane applications and long travel lengths

Step-up containerised transformer

The 4.0 MVA multi-tap transformer provides a variety of voltages up to 14,400V and a range input voltage for the generators

Targeting deepwater wells

Centek’s UROS-CT and Centraliser Sub are specifically designed for use in deep water with tight tolerance casings

Reliable performance in harsh conditions

Richard Shultz reports on how a multiple coordinate control algorithm was used to stabilise all compressor rotor natural frequencies in frigid Siberian conditions

Innovations in tubing technology

Standfirst: New grade of tubing designed to deliver greater mechanical strength and higher corrosion resistance. By Mark Ayers

Alternators deployed for complex onshore project

A continuous power requirement in Colombia’s oil sector is being met by a range of advanced alternators

New compliant clamp technology

Distributed buoyancy modules are designed to reduce tension and load strain on subsea risers and umbilicals

UK’s first open-access downhole test facility launched

The facility can be used by organisations for product development and qualification testing of downhole equipment such as: pumping equipment; jet pumps; separators; instrumentation; and drilling fluids



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