High voltage dynamic subsea power cables for reliability

Increasing deployment of floating production systems has led to a rise in the performance demands on these power cables. Darren Patel reports

Discoveries boost well resource estimates

Oil and gas exploration companies are having success with new wells ... which is good news for their associated suppliers. Eugene McCarthy reports

17m super fly jib

Increases the lifting height and outreach of crane by 50 per cent

Visualisation and analysis of pore networks and fluid flow in porous rocks

Special rock core investigations are carried out to understand complex petrophysical processes

First project with new subsea pile guiding frame

Successfully completed in Waimea field offshore Brazil

Cathodic protection of metallic structures

Durability of metallic structures exposed to natural seawater is often linked to the efficiency of protective systems which consist mainly of cathodic protection

Oman: the last frontier of enhanced oil recovery

Vinod Shah reports on the challenges (now and in the future) facing the oil and gas industry regions around the world showing growth in production and highlights technology innovations to improve/support production and safety

Strain gauges for critical measurements

Steve Hewitt assess measuring strain, stress, load, pressure and torque by using strain gauges

Responsible chemical development is required for fracture application

Jonathan J Wylde on a chemical additive used in hydraulic fracturing

Meeting insulation requirements: 'on demand'

As energy costs drive up the demand for insulation, automated profiling systems give insulation fabricators the ability to deliver customised pipeline and equipment coverings on a just-in-time basis. Ed Sullivan reports

Production from US shale reserves forges ahead

Hydraulic fracturing is helping the US to exploit major shale reserves that will have a major effect on the country's energy balance. Sean Ottewell investigates

Flexible flowline for platform complex

Mooring Systems' 150t spooler for BP Valhall flowline project

Enabling remote command of North Sea platform

Experion Process Knowledge System will reduce costs and lower risk, says Honeywell

Sub-sea pipeline leak detection system

Systems are now on offer for both shallow (ROV mounted and diver held) and full ocean depth operations

Special vessel lifts offshore platforms in one piece

Bosch Rexroth develops global drive and control solution for the world’s largest mobile lifting mechanism

Diverless and ROVless umbilical connection

First Subsea connector for Nexen Petroleum UK Blackbird field umbilical tieback



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