Low-sulphur fuel legislation reduce emissions

Shipping operators are turning to diesel engines equipped with electronic fuel management systems fitted with volumeter technology

Skimmer boats to aid Gulf of Mexico oil spill response

Four 35-foot and three 21-foot vessels transported from Nantes in France to New Orleans

Improving efficiency and cutting emissions with gas turbine technologies

Operating companies are turning to advanced gas turbine technologies to boost efficiency and meet emissions regulations. Sean Ottewell reports

Novel Norwegian technologies help in Gulf of Mexico

With the world's focus on events in the Gulf of Mexico, a trio of Norwegian innovations are helping in the clean-up campaign. Sean Ottewell reports

Investment in US shale gas rises to record levels

Interest in US shale gas reserves has prompted a flurry of mergers and acquisitions. Sean Ottewell reports

Scientists suggest independent monitoring of deep sea hydrocarbon industry

Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico underscores need for independent monitoring of the ecological effects

Offshore platforms could be hot spot of fish abundance

Potential for man-made structures - offshore platforms and installations for renewable energy - to be used as reef habitat

Decommissioning in the Gulf of Mexico shifts into overdrive

DecomWorld's 4th Annual Gulf of Mexico Decommissioning and Abandonment Summit set for Houston, March 22-23



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