Development in field testing for air inlet filter

By reducing fouling, efficient filters with low pressure drop generate big cost savings. Jim Benson reports

New regulations drive turbine innovations

Ever more stringent rules about emissions, plus industry's demand for greater turbine efficiency, are behind the latest developments. Sean Ottewell explains

Gas turbines for Ghana power station

Siemens receives an order from Ghana to supply three 8-MW SGT-300 and two 13-MW SGT-400 gas turbines

Actuators help fans cut power station emissions

Supplied to Halifax Fan which is providing six fans to help reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides from three power station boilers

Pedestal crane in lifts bridge

Havator has purchased the Terex Demag CC6800 with 96m main boom, 108m luffing fly jib

Filtration keeps gas turbines clean in harsh conditions

Peter Sandberg reports on the importance of keeping gas turbines clean and working efficiently in the toughest of conditions

Monitor machinery

Condition monitoring systems serve as the critical foundation to any plant asset management programme

Resistance temperature detectors

Utilisation of resistance temperature detectors (RTD) has grown in lieu of thermocouples primarily in cold temperature applications.

'Cinderella' technology must be invited to the ball

Proven energy efficient technology that can transform environmental and cost performance is being sidelined, despite colossal economic pressure

16-cylinder engine delivers high efficiency and low emissions

Clive Nickolay outlines the benefits of what is claimed to be the most efficient 16-cylinder engine in its class

Remote mountable thermal mass flow meter

Suitable for co-gen electric power turbines, food/beverage chillers, heat-treating systems, speciality chemicals

Vertical-axis wind turbine gets go-ahead

Government funding is helping Qinetiq and other project partners to start work on a novel offshore vertical-axis wind turbine

Major tidal turbine contract

The Neptune demonstration design is on schedule for delivery in 2010 at the UK tidal test centre located in Orkney, as a precursor to commercial deployment

Manufacturters’ electricity costs 51 per cent higher than last year

However, the upwards trend through 2008 was reversed in Q4 with the cost of electricity reducing by 27 per cent from the high cost points of Q3 2008

Silica analyser helps reduce your plant costs

The new Polymetron 9210 silica analyser can detect early stages of resin saturation due to its low 0.5ppb detection limit

Health monitoring systems are key to the modern plant

Monitoring is fundamental to modern plant asset management within the power generation industries

Filter class recommendations for healthier air quality

Peter Sandberg looks at the implications of European standard EN 13779:200

Vibration sensor offers extended operating temperature range

New Metrix 5485C velocity sensors feature a 'zero friction' suspension arrangement for measuring vibration accurately in temperatures from -54 to 375 degrees C



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