Cost pressures for wind turbine bearings

Even higher expectations regarding service life and reliability twinned with pressure on costs: this is the picture currently emerging for bearings in the wind energy industry

Energy efficiency driven by turbine replacement and upgrades

As the demand for electricity continues to grow around the world, the need for new and uprated turbines is also forging ahead. Sean Ottewell reports

Bringing power to Indonesia's communities

Allan Chin reports on how electricity is being delivered to a remote Indonesian village

Are women the workforce of the future for the energy industry?

Fewer than one in 10 engineering professionals in Britain is a woman. Angela Wilson reports on the campaigns that are being launched to attract more females into the industry

POWER-GEN Europe 2013: Innovation and integration

With plans well underway for POWER-GEN Europe 2013, conference director Nigel Blackaby examines some of the key themes that will drive the debate in Vienna

Investment focuses on efficient turbine technology

Investment in higher-efficiency turbines is growing as power generators seek to increase plant profitability. Sean Ottewell reports

Generator to support geothermal heating plant

Installation powers district heating system supplying houses, apartments, schools, businesses and university

Turbine contract for a new coal-fired power plant

Doosan Power Systems to design and supply two 160MW turbines for the plant in Paco, Panama

Construction completes on wind turbine blade test facility

Designed to test the longer blades being developed for larger offshore turbines

£100m turbine upgrade nears completion

Drax Power Station cements position as the cleanest, most efficient power station in the UK

Age is no barrier to performance

Matt Fielder considers the challenge of extending turbine life beyond OEM warranties

Development in field testing for air inlet filter

By reducing fouling, efficient filters with low pressure drop generate big cost savings. Jim Benson reports

New regulations drive turbine innovations

Ever more stringent rules about emissions, plus industry's demand for greater turbine efficiency, are behind the latest developments. Sean Ottewell explains

Gas turbines for Ghana power station

Siemens receives an order from Ghana to supply three 8-MW SGT-300 and two 13-MW SGT-400 gas turbines

Actuators help fans cut power station emissions

Supplied to Halifax Fan which is providing six fans to help reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides from three power station boilers

Monitor machinery

Condition monitoring systems serve as the critical foundation to any plant asset management programme

Pedestal crane in lifts bridge

Havator has purchased the Terex Demag CC6800 with 96m main boom, 108m luffing fly jib

Resistance temperature detectors

Utilisation of resistance temperature detectors (RTD) has grown in lieu of thermocouples primarily in cold temperature applications.



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