Measure temperature and humidity with mobile

Sensirion has announced the integration of humidity and temperature sensor into smartphones, setting a new standard for ambient sensing

Four axis motion controller: flexible device concept for specific adjustments

The new C-884 motion controller from PI permits a vector movement of positioning systems with DC motors in four axes.

Airborne servers high-speed networking on aircraft

Kontron's ACE Flight 600 server platform fast-tracks deployment of best-in-class flight communication and wireless IFE server systems

Waveform monitor with HDMI/HDCP connection

WFM/WVR5250 waveform monitors and rasterizers enable monitoring of video and audio loudness output of set-top boxes and Blu-ray Players

Isolated serial repeater extends and isolates RS-422/485 serial networks

Provides 1.5Mbps throughput, 2kV triple isolation, slim DIN rail mount form factor & top/bottom terminal blocks for easy access

Start-up gains key partners to power the Internet of Things

A Swedish start-up has developed open source software to control devices in the Internet of Things and signed up two key partners. Nick Flaherty reports

Ginsbury introduces value line TFTs from Kyocera

UK specialist display distributor Ginsbury has introduced 10 new TFT LCD modules from Kyocera. Nick Flaherty checks them out

MicroTCA specialist aims at Europe

A US company specialising in systems based on microTCA technology has set up a new headquarters in Europe and launched a chassis based on the latest version of the specification. Nick Flaherty reports

Take a top-down approach to simplify PSU selection

Stephen Dodson looks at the latest issues in selecting the right power supply



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