How cloud computing is changing industrial automation

Jonathan Wilkins examines how cloud computing is disrupting industrial automation

Software delivers improved waveform analysis and functionality

For engineers, scientists, technicians and researchers who are working on the latest generation of electrical and electronic technologies

Mini PCs for super wind boosters

Nuvo-3003LP series industrial mini PCs are used as part of the control and monitoring technology

DIN rail thyristor controllers for HVAC

Designed for controlling heater batteries and air duct heaters in HVAC systems

Why things fail, jam, rust and smudge

Water vapour causes electronics to fail, drugs to lose potency, printers to jam, metals to rust, seals to leak, missiles to crash, products to print poorly

GPS/GLONASS receiver platform for low-power devices

High sensitivity GPS/GLONASS receiver for power sensitive applications such as wearables and sports tracking

LED floodlights save energy on fishing vessel

As a result of installing the new floodlights, fishing efficiency has improved

Interfaces for mass market devices to be explored at conference

Graphical user interface development will be key to harnessing the power of IoT

High-speed photonic curing of printed electronics inks

CPI enhances printed electronics capability with the installation of NovaCentrix PulseForge photonic curing system

Connecting to the cloud

NXP Semiconductors’ Cloud Connectivity Kit to significantly reduce time-to-market for deploying IoT products using technology from Zentri. Nick Flaherty reports

Transmitter receiver board

The microwave capable data converters from e2v enable signal processing of up to 4.5GSps

Tough TFT-LCD modules

Features 6.8G vibration-resistant acceleration, which is seven times greater than that of conventional modules

Small and fast 2A multifunction LDO regulators

For use in consumer electronics, industrial applications, communication modules, and electricity smart meters

Performance boost for CNC hardware in the high-end segment

Siemens has released the latest version (4.7) of its Sinumerik Operate software, and with it is offering more powerful CPUs and larger panels

Connecting wires to surface-mount printed circuit boards

Solution combines the benefits of crimping, insulation piercing, and surface-mount technology



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