Connecting wires to surface-mount printed circuit boards

Solution combines the benefits of crimping, insulation piercing, and surface-mount technology

The most distance with less power

Texas Instruments' new Sub-1 GHz solution spans 20km on a coin cell

Undo Software moves to support for 64bit ARM Devices

Undo Software has extended its debugging tools to support the 64bit ARMv8-A architecture. Nick Flaherty reports

Bluetooth smart system-on-chip drives voice remote control unit

SmartBond DA14582 System-on-Chip with integrated voice codec delivers high performance, low-latency audio with minimum size, cost and power consumption

Integrated wireless controller

Modules are available with selectable operating frequencies for world markets

Smart IoT gateway

Coral Edge is designed for industrial IoT/M2M applications, using u-blox LTE and GNSS technologies

Food safety assured for SFS silicone sponge

A key element of safety and compliance testing for the food industry is ensuring that there is no migration of contaminants from polymers that come into direct contact with food

Building management system

Intelligent gateway aimed at introducing the burgeoning Internet of Thing (IoT) technologies to professionals

Virtually unbreakable touchscreen

Reduces total cost of ownership and improves users’ productivity by addressing one of the most common reasons for computer failures

Get smart

Louise Smyth talks flexible displays, smartwatches and wearable electronics with an expert in intelligent semiconductor technology

Defence mechanism

Designing protection solutions for wearable devices. By Karen L Harrison

Development kit enhances downlighting designs

Intelligent LED Solutions launches new LED development kit that enables engineers to explore the different effects of colour temperature and varying beam angles when developing downlighting applications

High brightness 10.4-inch TFT open frame monitor

Typical applications include industrial automation, process control, public information systems, digital signage, building management, in-vehicle installations, point-of-sale displays and industrial instrumentation

Fanless vision system with 4 GigEs

Demanding machine vision and video monitoring applications are based on the recording, transfer, evaluation and saving of video data

Low cost energy harvesting device

Printed energy harvesting device that is powered by near-field communication

Rugged HMIs for zone 1 hazardous area applications

The 7-inch touchscreen display is protected by a specially strengthened glass pane



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