Nano silver conductive inks for printed electronics

Enable manufacturers to print highly-defined electric patterns directly onto any surface

No more wires

Small deformation to the paste generates a change of its electrical resistance generating an analogue signal to enable measurement

Increased fire safety requirements for fuseholders

The fuseholder standard IEC/EN 60127-6 has been revised to improve fire safety

Safety-critical automotive applications

Synopsys has expanded its range of processor IP to include key elements and certification for safety-critical automotive applications

Connected vehicles, robotics, smart cities

ARM buys imaging and embedded vision specialist to accelerate its design offerings

Wearable electronics: fitness and sleep monitor

Dialog Semiconductor’s Bluetooth Smart SoC provides connectivity for Misfit Shine 2 Fitness Tracker

Powered by movement

Million Mile Light proves a hit with joggers wanting to stay safe in the dark

Improving mobile phone acoustics

Membrane rapidly and reliably equalises pressure differentials, while remaining virtually impenetrable to water, dirt and debris

Grey ZnNi shell plating on connectors

New grey zinc over electroless nickel ideal for marine, military and industrial applications

5.7-in monochrome TFT delivers exceptional clarity

Typical applications for the 5.7-inch display include electric vehicle charging stations, ticketing systems, vending machines and process instrumentation

Multi-core power for explosion-protected HMIs

Panel PCs for zone 1 now equipped with fast, efficient Bay Trail processors

Software delivers improved waveform analysis and functionality

For engineers, scientists, technicians and researchers who are working on the latest generation of electrical and electronic technologies

Mini PCs for super wind boosters

Nuvo-3003LP series industrial mini PCs are used as part of the control and monitoring technology

DIN rail thyristor controllers for HVAC

Designed for controlling heater batteries and air duct heaters in HVAC systems

Why things fail, jam, rust and smudge

Water vapour causes electronics to fail, drugs to lose potency, printers to jam, metals to rust, seals to leak, missiles to crash, products to print poorly



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