Wireless technology comes to light

This energy harvesting switch is a self-sufficient and maintenance-free radio unit requiring no cabling or batteries

New 6 axis Inertial Measurement Unit

This is aimed at the growing virtual reality and augmented reality applications where a fast response significantly reduces the unpleasant motion sickness effect

New class of two dimensional materials

These superlattices consist of alternating layers of ultra-thin sheets. This could lead to improvements in electronics, from transistors to LEDs and ultra-efficient semiconductors

Can robots tackle the Amazon Picking Challenge?

Grasping the next generation of robotics

Atomically flat gallium breakthrough

Scientists at Rice University and the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, have discovered a method to make the material that shows promise for nanoscale electronics

Conformal coating and resin solutions

Two brand new products to Electrolube’s innovative two-part 2K conformal coatings series, include the 2K350 and 2K550 polyurethane coatings.

Industrial robots made safer for humans

Interactive zones ensure safe working space for employees

New target boards

These are aimed at the home appliance, building and industrial automation sectors

New 3D simulation for robot software

This is for planning, design and improvement across all areas of automation

Secure realtime IoT solutions and embedded systems

Deploy and manage 3rd-party applications in industrial IoT environments

Early access to embedded processors

Developers can start designing the carrier board for their applications now and will be able to use the modules from day one of the launch date

New generation of high performance In-Vehicle Network protection diodes

Drop-in replacements have higher surge current, greater ESD robustness and much better ESD clamping



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