New rugged antennas

These are for automotive, drone markets

Conformal coating and resin solutions

Two brand new products to Electrolube’s innovative two-part 2K conformal coatings series, include the 2K350 and 2K550 polyurethane coatings.

New target boards

These are aimed at the home appliance, building and industrial automation sectors

New 3D simulation for robot software

This is for planning, design and improvement across all areas of automation

Industrial robots made safer

Interactive zones ensure safe working space for employees

Pot and Protect

Pot and Protect – Techsil Introduce Two New Black Epoxy Potting Compounds

New power modules

These fully encapsulated devices offer up to 95.5% peak efficiency

Secure realtime IoT solutions and embedded systems

Deploy and manage 3rd-party applications in industrial IoT environments

Early access to embedded processors

Developers can start designing the carrier board for their applications now and will be able to use the modules from day one of the launch date

New generation of high performance In-Vehicle Network protection diodes

Drop-in replacements have higher surge current, greater ESD robustness and much better ESD clamping

Chinese market opens up for nanodiamonds

Chinese patent granted for thermoplastic thermal compounds

Compressive force tester launched

The device can also be used to check material testing machines or force transducers

Advice for drivers after theft

Disturbing CCTV footage triggers response from research group

New two-part UV cure conformal coating

Following the successful launch of its 2K conformal coating materials, Electrolube is launching an addition to the range

New module for drives with integrated safety functions

Software library simplifies the development of safety drives in accordance with IEC 61800-5-2

Online EMC training news

Expanded offering advises on best electromagnetic compatibility practice

Preview: Bosch ConnectedWorld 2018

A look ahead to the popular IoT event

Shock and vibration resistant RF connector for the automotive industry

New connector from I-PEX Connectors is industry-first with built-in locking feature



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