Films for capacitors

New thicknesses on offer

New scanner aims to integrate with the IoT

Servo design helps to keep speed up without accuracy compromises

MEMS in medicine

Harvard University is experimenting with ‘organs-on-chips’ to offer a potential alternative to traditional animal testing

New digital humidity and temperature sensor

It's a complete sensor system on a single chip

Chip capacitor launch

These are designed for medical and military applications

Retrofitting cybersecurity

Just one unguarded PLC could render an entire system vulnerable

Retro desktop enclosures for electronics equipment

These are aimed at hi-fi equipment, audio, broadcast, set-top boxes as well as industrial instrumentation

Low voltage electrical jointing resin launched

It combines new features for cable protection

Are you cobot ready?

Thoughts on how to manage a mixed team of humans and collaborative robots

New pair of stepper drives

These are for AC-powered applications

Range of connectors expands

Mono and stereo jack sockets now available

How zoomorphism can teach us to make better robots

Making more natural robots may be the answer to industrial woes

New sealed wire-to-wire connectors

These narrow units are designed for sensors, lighting, vending machines and liquid dispensers

Tiny interface for Ethernet

This is for small and mobile devices

New 3V thin prismatic supercapacitors

These offer power solutions for thin wearables, key fobs and other small IoT devices

New app for electronics projects

The free DesignSpark Toolbox offers engineering calculators, converters and tables

New transmitter

It's combined with the sensor in a single unit

New compact linear actuator

This have anti-backlash nuts



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