Single-chip 32.768kHz clock oscillator

ACAL Technology introduces Advanced Crystal Technology’s 32.768kHz ACT9325WC single-chip clock oscillator which increases reliability as well as reducing component count

Wide temperature Ethernet-to-fibre media converter

It can operate reliably and stably in a wide temperature range of -40 to 75°C

High-power, wide-input bus converters

Intermediate-bus converters deliver 98 per cent; peak efficiency; 36-60V input voltage range

Semiconductor develops new motor driver

Part offers wide range of operating voltages and shortest turn-on times

Embedded wireless solution reduces end product development times

Software allows developers to change many of the parameters of the radio to suit the individual application

LED lighting technology in 30 lectures

Conference will be covering topics like efficiency, reliability, costs, tests, standardisation and much more

Sampling Low Latency DRAMs

Second-source provides drop-in replacements; supports expansion in memories for high data-rate network applications

Durable LED blasting light

Magnalight BL70-LED Magnetic Mount Blasting Light from Larson Electronics' produces 6,020 lumens

Ultra fast GigE frame grabbers with on board FPGA processing

Real-time image processing significantly reducing the load on the host CPU

Analogue resistive USB touch-screen controller

AR1100 controller available as a turnkey chip or board product; free drivers for most major operating systems

Aiding assessment of unsymmetrical disturbances of photovoltaic inverters

Line impedance stabilisation network for conducted emissions testing of grid connected power conditioners

Replacing end-of-Life ASICs and FPGAs with identical chips

KaiSemi Ltd technology automatically converts the old components into functionally identical ASIC devices

Sub-miniature micro switch offers enhanced reliability

Two-stage bottom housing with different levels designed to prevent flux penetration

Increased speeds in automated electronic assembly systems

Couplings provide high torsional stiffness, zero backlash and low hysteresis

Compact data logger for recording air temperature

Electronic Assembly offers a data logger for monitoring and recording ambient temperature

Silicone inflatable seal with built-in antimicrobial properties

Added layer of protection in food processing, medical and scientific applications and other high-performance environments

Wireless autonomous data loggers LOG-HC2-RC

RF transmissions save the user wiring costs, and useful data can be recorded quickly and easily

Optimal contactor for high-end digital applications

Multitest Triton leverages Quad Tech contactor family for large array, high pin count devices



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