Processor, with LCD controller, for extended-reliability

e2v’s PC8610 features a single e600 core running at up to 1333 MHz with an extended-temperature range of -40degC to 110degC

Solenoid design is based on sewing machine technology

Aerco’s S151 is based on a tubular design but offers a relatively large force capability over a short stroke range

Choosing the best option for overcurrent circuit protection

Kent Hou looks at the options for protecting against overcurrents in designing electronics

Initiatives boost development in flexible electronics

Strategic partnerships between material suppliers, original equipment manufacturers and research institutes to accelerate technology development

New family of wireless single board computers

Rabbit SBCs provide easy path for embedded developers to create wireless control products or wireless gateways

LEDs offer rare ray of hope during electronics downturn

LEDs are expected to enjoy a revenue increase of 2.9 per cent in 2009, following 10.8 per cent growth in 2008

Laser-based security system for extreme weather conditions

Effective nighttime security is a critical deterrent to crime and terrorist activity around the world

High-performance sealing withstands heat stresses of plasma display panels

Display screen manufacturers are constantly on the look out for innovative products. High-performance sealing can help maintain market dominance

Touchscreen HMIs gain soft-PLC funcationality

Lenze's EL100 touchscreen HMIs are now offered with an optional cost-effective soft-PLC, with the programming software included in the price

Easier recycling of electronic waste

A team of researchers reports that it has found a way to use multispectral artificial vision systems to identify different metals in electronic waste

Increasing the processing of music data

NEC Electronics introduces new system-on-a-chip for car audio systems

Development kit simplifies use of reconfigurable I/O hardware

National Instruments' new cRIO-9951 Module Development Kit simplifies the process when designing custom Compactrio and Single-Board RIO applications

Sunlight-readable touchscreen display is ultra-tough

Stealth's new Model TT-840 touchscreen LCD display is sealed to IP68, operates in temperatures from -20 to +40 degrees C, and withstands shocks and vibration

Platform for efficient embedded Ethernet and fieldbus development

Benchmarking and testing of Ethernet applications can be executed easily, says Hitex



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