Rugged embedded computer design

Components are base for long-term availability and efficiency, and to insure a life cycle of 10 years

Enclosure products and top-quality racking systems

Retex UK has brought together one of the most comprehensive ranges of polycarbonate, steel and aluminium electrical and electronic enclosures

Starter Kit for ARM-based designs

Provides developers a complete package to rapidly prototype embedded systems for ARM designs

Tiny LDO voltage regulator with ultra low quiescent current and no capacitors

The new XC6504 series from Torex Semiconductor Europe Ltd operates within a voltage range of 1.4V ~ 6.0V and at an ultra-low supply current of only 0.6µA

Smart camera nano tube

Vision Components' nano tube inside an IP65 housing for applications with limited installation space

Laser diode modules designed for OEMs, end-users and systems integrators

The Optoelectronics Company debuts new range of laser diode modules for OEM laser solution

Increasing interest in real time operating systems

The move from 8 and 16bit processors to 32bit cores is driving increasing interest in real time operating systems. While there are many well established commercial operating systems in the market, even more are emerging. Nick Flaherty reports

TFT LCD display modules with high brightness

KOE launches new range of TFT displays which have long life LED backlights and high contrast ratios to provide strong optical performance

MicroTCA specialist aims at Europe

A US company specialising in systems based on microTCA technology has set up a new headquarters in Europe and launched a chassis based on the latest version of the specification. Nick Flaherty reports

Dotmatrix displays are dead - long live the dotmatrix display

High-contrast, alphanumeric LCD supertwist display for four rows of text at 20 characters per row

Nordic Semiconductor launches 'nRFready Smart Remote 2' reference design

Available now, the nRFready Smart Remote 2 is a complete hardware and software reference design featuring a multi-touch touchpad, 6-axis motion sensing, and full QWERTY keyboard

Switchboard enclosures for all types of industry

Jesper Fristrup outlines the benefits of enclosures for all types of electrical switchboards

3M to second source FCI’s HPCE and HP2 power connectors

3M is to second source FCI’s High Power Card Edge (HPCE) and HP2 power product families for telecoms and networking applications. Nick Flaherty reports

Low cost compact LCD touch computer

Fast track product platform for any embedded system requiring a feature rich touch screen display, considerable processing power, ultra low power consumption and a robust performance

Intelligent stereo camera

Suited for 3D tasks and alignment applications, such as the positioning of printing plates

High-temperature resistance polyimide adhesives

Applications are to be found in the areas of semiconductors, photovoltaics, sensors, fibre optics and general electronics

The machine builder’s HMI

Mitsubishi Electric's GT14 is a 5.7-in HMI available in both monochrome and colour versions providing a screen resolution of 320x240 pixels



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