New light weight plastic feed through connecter

This takes advantage of the standard 24mm panel cut out increasingly used in instrumentation, medical and industrial applications

Bringing lab capability to the field

Small, portable clinical applications are a good fit for ceramic heaters

Shielding and filtering are not independent

Learning how to design both together saves time and hassle in the long run

Accelerated prototyping with new development kit

Multi-system data immediately accessible to engineers via Arduino and Raspberry Pi connection packages

Integrated laser diode driver for digital control

Scalable units offer single-channel microcontroller-based control of diodes or LEDs

New stepper drives offer flexible network protocols

DC-powered drives feature torque ripple smoothing to decrease motor noise and vibrations

Tiny 8cm 5-port Ethernet unit for PLCs

These can be fitted into any already-wired electronic cabinets, racks or shelves where space is at a premium

Partnership offers surge protection

Variable frequency drives to benefit

Enhanced functionality for single board computers

These can be configured to offer WiFi, Bluetooth, capacitive touch sensing, proximity and temperature sensing

Simplify your SFF design with SMARC 2.0

SMARC 2.0 is the great new Computer-on-Modules standard for the efficient design of powerful and feature-rich small form factor (SFF) applications.

New programmable 2-wire temperature transmitter

This is aimed at the chemical, oil & gas and power generation industries

Automation trends at IMTS 2018

Cobots and experimental AI on show in Chicago in September

Before you buy a cobot...

The field of collaborative robotics maybe about to experience a boom, but there are several factors to consider before taking the plunge

New scanner aims to integrate with the IoT

Servo design helps to keep speed up without accuracy compromises

New digital humidity and temperature sensor

It's a complete sensor system on a single chip



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