Ex d Enclosures: Understanding the Standards

When specifying explosion-proof (Ex d) enclosures to house electrical apparatus for use in explosive atmospheres, engineers must ensure they fully understand the implications of modifying the enclosure as part of the certified equipment prior to and after installation, says Toni Ott

Components for noise reduction screens and acoustic enclosures

MiniTec Noise Reduction System includes 20mm and 34mm thick acoustic panels in a range of sizes and finishes together with special fixing and sealing elements

Rugged and highly sealed enclosures

The defining feature of electrical cabinet installations is so often that of space usage where maximum use of internal and door space is at a premium for equipment mounting

PCI Express hardware interface is Can-compatible

The Can-PCIe/200 is a new Can interface from ESD Electronics that is suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries

Versatile photoelectric switches are easy to integrate

SQ 'bright' photoelectric switches operate from a wide range of ac/dc voltages and are offered in diffuse, reflective and through-beam versions

IEEE and IEC to work together on standards

Agreement between IEEE and IEC will see the two organisations co-operating more closely on the development of new standards

Green Power specifications opens up wireless energy harvesting in the smart home

A ZigBee PRO specification, Green Power, is supporting low cost energy harvesting and ultra-long battery life for ZigBee wireless applications. Nick Flaherty reports

Intelligent multiple head camera platform

The intelligent camera synchronises overlapping parts of pictures taken by neighbouring sensors. It compiles the individual pictures with a 752 x 480 pixel resolution (Wide VGA) into a complete 3.008 x 480 pixel image

M2M smart services developer kit supports Cumulocity M2M application platform

Kontron enables integration of server-side database platform, network agents and sensor libraries to reduce the effort needed to bring the M2M connected sensors and devices into the cloud

Free flexible cable guide and sample box

Simple-to-use guide outlines the common failure modes of cables and explains how chainflex cables are designed to overcome these

NXP connects the smart, energy-efficient home with ZigBee and JenNet-IP

Nick Flaherty reports on NXP's new family of single chip wireless microcontrollers to make smart homes more energy efficient

60GHz WiFi takes off for cable replacement as standard agreed and industry groups merge

Developments of 60GHz wireless have been up and down over the past decade, but a number of developments in the first month of 2013 are now starting to push the technology into real applications. Nick Flaherty reports

Super-slim 42-in four-point multi-touch screen

The monitors can be configured as either portrait or landscape, for integration in kiosks or desk-mounted

Caution – leakage currents

Herbert Blum reports on leakage currents in fault-current protected environments

First 'green' plasma etching system

Plasma Etch eliminates greenhouse gas used in the production of printed circuit boards

Ginsbury introduces value line TFTs from Kyocera

UK specialist display distributor Ginsbury has introduced 10 new TFT LCD modules from Kyocera. Nick Flaherty checks them out

Verotec launches flexible subrack front panel systems

Enclosure manufacturer Verotec has developed a versatile range of subrack front panels with four different systems. Nick Flaherty reports

Researchers develop a display that provides 3D information by moving around

Display components, as Nick Flaherty discovers, can tilt along one or more axes and move vertically up and down

Rugged embedded computer design

Components are base for long-term availability and efficiency, and to insure a life cycle of 10 years



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