Electronics Design

A Smart Choice for What’s Next in The IoT Era

Today DFI rolls out the breakthrough server-grade ATX motherboard PL610-C622

New single board computer

WinSystems Introduces Pico-ITX Single Board Computer With Ideal Functionality for Embedded Industrial IoT Applications

Fanless embedded system

So small that you cannot ignore it


Designing a rugged tablet

The design challenge of making a true rugged tablet computer

Prototype fish hunter can withstand deep sea pressures

Robot stuns killer lionfish below sport diver depth

New robot-friendly servo motors

These have an integrated control electronics to save space

Enhanced enclosures for extreme applications

These stainless steel units are IP55 and IP56-compliant

Design of system cooling using DC axial fans

Claudius Klose and Zoltán Kiss explore the subject of the design of system cooling using DC axial fans

TALON robot family receives maintenance award

US$90 million deal keeps the machines running until 2023

Siemens Announce Electronics Design Package

This helps PCB and box assemblers to meet traceability requirements

New encoders boast IP65 compliance

These feature a geared turns counter that is immune from electrical interference

Advanced Forming Research Centre opens

This VR & AR facility is the only one in Scotland

Pulse laser research reaches milestone

The safety of industrial applications could benefit

New IO-Link master development kit

This is for networked devices in a smart factory environment

Prototype robot aids elevator installation

This autonomous and self-climbing machine takes over the drilling for the anchor bolts in lift shafts

Are smart homes actually safe?

Some thoughts on keeping residential IoT free from hackers



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